PHAT #3 by Jori, 8-part #workout & #yoga #stretches to close


Did this with my list, cause it was almost all reps, in one way or another


Part 1: Strength 16, 12, and 8 reps
Time = 16:03, but low because of my underlined comment on #2.

  1. OH Press, 2-15lbs, for 16 & 12 / 40 for 8
  2. Pendulum Lunge on Slider Right, 30lbs Lunge forward & then backward. FORGOT TO HOLD THE WEIGHT ON THE 12s!!
  3. Pendulum Lunge on Slider Left
  4. Pull-ups Overhand grip with blue band
  5. KB Swing 35lbs

Part 2: Isolation (10/50) 2x = 10 mins

  1. Seated Bicep Curl 2, 15lbs Rnd 1 – arms out forward, palms up, with elbows braced on legs. Rnd 2 – arms rotated out.
  2. Deadlift 40lbs
  3. Elevated Plank Knee-in & to opp arm, alt
  4. Halo Twist + Chop lunges 20lbs Holding weight @ sternum, lunge forward. Bring weight down on inside of leg & then straight up & over to the outside, alt. 
  5. Alt pistol squats going deep, heels propped on 10lb weight bars

Part 3: Cardio Interval: (30/30) x 2 NO REST, 5-10 sec rest between rounds, with 8lb weighted vest

  1. Burpee w/ Push Up
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Mt. Climbers
  4. Skaters

Part 4: Strength I am doing 16, 12, and 8 reps (Changed 3 of 4 of these moves but I kept with the spirit of the chosen exercises) Time = 13:27

  1. Traffic Directors 2, 10lb weights Lateral & front raise, alt. Each lift is 1 rep.
  2. SL Deadlift 30lbs alt (L+R=1)
  3. Chin-ups with blue band
  4. Elevated feet plank, tap toes out to the side & down to the floor (L+R=1)

Part 5: Stabilization 12 reps 2x Time is 15:56. Moves 1, 2 & 6 are 2-sided!

  1. Elevated Feet Push Ups
  2. Side Lunge to Knee Up 20lbs
  3. Single Leg SA Shoulder Press (opp/ arm, opp/ leg) 15lbs
  4. Squat, holding weight out in front, 10lbs Bum tapping bench
  5. Single Leg Y Front Raise 2, 10lbs Balance on one leg, front raise in Y shape Balanced 1st x on right with overhand grip, and 2nd time on left, underhand grip
  6. Alt spider man with arm reaches 2=1 Spiderman leg & the opp hand taps floor to the front

Time so far is 1:11, before a 2min break

Part 6: AMRAP: 3 Minutes 10 all the way thru & an 11th up to push-up jack
Matrix Burpee:

  1. x 5 High Knees
  2. Burpee w/ Push Up
  3. Diamond Hops R/L
  4. Push Up Jack + Jump In
  5. Tuck Jump

Part 7: Strength 12 reps 2x Time = 7:35

  1. Chest Press, 2, 20lbs dumbbells
  2. Sumo Squat 35lb kettlebell
  3. Swings 35lb kettlebell
  4. Weighted UFC’s 20lbs, holding 10lb dumbbells @ side, from knees to surrender & back down, alt sides

Part 8: Power P.H.A.T. Burnout: 12 reps 2x Time = 10:18

  1. Plyo Push Ups Nakrasana & tricep push-up
  2. Weighted Squat Jumps 20lbs
  3. Alt. Squat Slams 15lbs Start w/ weight overhead. Squat & swing the weight down in the center, then up & out back to overhead, alt sides
  4. Power Hop Ups On elevation. Lunge back & rocket up, lifting knee. 12 each leg.
  5. Russian Twist x 2 + One V-up w/ Weight 10lbs

(Total time for this video 1:38)


About 16min. I could use more but I was pooped! Can’t restrain myself w/ the new workout channel.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

2 thoughts on “PHAT #3 by Jori, 8-part #workout & #yoga #stretches to close”

  1. Thanks for your great info! Last question. Did you buy the powerblock weights or just plain dumbells? I did one of Julia’s no equipment workouts…loved it! As a reformed ashtangi myself, I like giving myself permission to do other things. Thank you!


    1. I didn’t buy the adjustable weights yet cause I’m too damned broke. Fucking Portland! lol. I’ve got an assortment. 1 20-lb weight, cause the movers lost one. So for 40lb deadlifts I hold 2 in one hand and I’m limited in how long I can do this. Plus I’d deadlift 50lbs or more if I had the option. I’ve got 2 15s and 2 10s, 2 5s and 2 3s (which come in handy for between the feet for ab work). Also a 35lb kettlebell I inherited from someone who moved.

      But yes ashtanga isn’t an effective workout at all once there’s a platueau (if you don’t have a teacher) and then IMO full 3rd is the first good “workout” series but take it from me, the formerly “impervious”, it WILL shred your joints after awhile. I don’t even bother practicing the fancier poses I was particularly good at (Karandavasana for the best example). There’s no purpose to them unless you’re 1) trying to qualify for more poses in the system or 2) hinging your ego on Asana As Achievement. The simpler, more basic poses do the job in terms of functional flexibility and preventing injury.


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