Fake rest day, light workout, About 33min #HIIT & 23min easy #yoga

Probably I should’ve just taken a rest day. I really wanted one yesterday & turned in a lackluster (due to low energy), short (due to procrastination) workout. This was because I’d taken two days off already last week and barely move otherwise.

Today is a new week and I could’ve passed. Detailed out a Julia workout & thought, That’s way too much work for today, and came up with the below. Actually I’d planned yoga that was a little more work but bailed, so I got another burn in the “short, brisk walk” category, even lower than most full primaries would be for me! I suppose it’s better than nothing. It’ll get me in the shower and dressed so there you go.


Adapted from:

Jump rope & plank

  • (15/50) with jump rope before every move for a 32:30min set.
  1. Sliders Forearm Plank Feet on sliders, go from plank to pike
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Right Side Plank From hand, adding hip dips.
  4. Left Side Plank
  5. Chatarunga
  6. Stationary Pike, feet on wall, trying to get shoulders right under hips Knee Drop Plank
  7. Plank Jack Hands
  8. Elbow Tap Plank (right) Forearm
  9. Elbow Tap Plank (left)
  10. Reverse Plank Leg Lift Plank This move & the next work upper back of the legs
  11. Superman
  12. Side Plank Leg Lift (right)
  13. Side Plank Leg Lift (left)
  14. Elevated knee in & to opp knee, alt
  15. Plank Step Feet elevated, tap opp foot down & out


  • Surya As w/ backbends & handstands – 5

(15/45) yoga intervals

  1. Virasana 30lbs
  2. Supta Virasana
  3. Malasana 5lb
  4. Paschimo
  5. Anjenayasana upright R
  6. Anjenay backbend (10lb) R
  7. Hanuman upright  R
  8. Anjenayasana upright L
  9. Anjenay backbend (10lb) L
  10. Hanuman upright L
  11. Ardha Matseyen
  12. Other side
  13. parigha var
  14. Other side
  15. Baddha Kona A
  16. Baddha Kona B
  17. Baddha Kona C
  18. Upavistha Kona
  19. Krounchasana
  20. Other side

Lost interest in the consecutive intervals.


  1. Rack 1
  2. Rack 2
  3. Sarvanga, hala, karna pida, next one, next one (lol) savasana

Quick #HIIT

Was thinking to take a rest day but checked the blog & I’d already taken two this week so… Was going to do about 40min of yoga after this but bf was ready for dinner!


Speedy Sculpt Strength, Cardio, and Abs

warmup: Note to self if you repeat: just do jump rope warm-up
jogging in place
down dog cobra
lunge and twist
jumping jacks

60:15 2x 20 mins
1. Sa fly + Lunge back hands together and twist, 10lb 5lbs in each hand was definitely all I could manage!
2. Push-up on dumbbell+ kick under + t-stand press and headbanger 20lb
3. Manmakers 30lbs
4. Chest Press (bench) 40lbs Had to drop to 30 next move b/c holding the two 10s crossed was hurting my right hand.
5. Tricep push-ups + pike (sliders)
6. Deadlift + squat + upright row 40 Did a regular row in the squat. It’d actually be challenging if I had two 25s I could lift!
7. Clean and press + rotational DL down and drop weight + jump over weights + rotating DL back up to clean and press again 30 Very cool move.
8. Flying leg tricep push-up pistol burpee I did just 2 flying leg switches @ the bottom

SHORT SET OF JUMP ROPE INTERVALS: Paused after 1st set to make some notes. My heart rate was sluggish, 97 at close, so I decided to throw in my 10x (10/30) jump rope interval in here, 6:40min. That always gets my blood moving when my body doesn’t want to.

50:10 2x (10 mins)
1. Angry donkey heel clicks
2. Surrender (alt legs) / star jump No ninjas allowed for me! LOL. 
3. Weighted Chair Lunges 20
4. 3 flying leg  Mtn climber to warrior 3 + hands down rainbow glute raise Stayed in a dighasana A position for this part
5. broad jump + box jump+ bunny back

60:15 2x 10 mins
1. Lat pull over butterfly legs 20
2. V up 5+ v split pulses 5
3. Leg raises weighted toe reach 10
4. Alt crab toe touches

Rewatched #Melancholia last night

I love a good end of the world drama, and I liked this much more the second time. First time I watched it was also online, with my friends Jody and Daniel in NYC, when they lived just a block north of me in the East Village. If you’re expecting Hollywood fare this will be a hard movie to get into! We were all sort of dismissive then because we were expecting a more superficial type of entertainment.

Melancholia is slow moving, but very deep and well acted, and it has a powerful ending. That’s when the deeply depressed individual – who had it all and threw it all away – shows how strong she truly is.

The therapist told him that depressive people tend to act more calmly than others under heavy pressure, because they already expect bad things to happen.

There are two halves to the movie.

By splitting the film up into two parts in this way, “Melancholia” explores the themes of loss, destruction, impermanence, and loneliness, first on an intimate scale (“Justine”) and then on a global scale (“Claire”).

I’m familiar with being the only person in a room willing and able to see the ridiculousness and (sometimes) base evil of a situation and actually SAY something. I can relate to Claire. “You don’t need to mourn this world.” Actually the only area where I disagree is I don’t believe that humans are alone in the universe. I’m pretty sure there’s other fuck-ups out there.

Planning my day. Gonna do a little reading. I need to read the entire servitor book & then start conceptualizing my 24/7 helper. What I need is something to inspire me to create art without deadlines or expectations and THEN direct clients to me.

My seat is strong in my daily, morning meditation. So THIS is what all the yoga was for! – a thought that sprang up today, before I returned my attention to the edges of my nostrils.

Julia posted a shorter workout! Of course if it’s rep based and 40min for her it’ll be an hour for me, at least, but that’s ok. A little exercise and a little yoga would be fine for today.

30min #HIIT and about 85min #ashtanga #yoga

I stuck to my decision to do 2/3rds yoga! My lower back really needed forward bending, so the Marichys and the LBH were good for it. Happily my left knee didn’t feel sore at all this morning, after I made the mistake of doing a ninja move during yesterday’s workout, which is hardly ever a good idea. My knees used to be impervious before 5 years of 3rd series, lol.

Even with the unnecessary poses taken out of primary and hardly ever practicing it, the series does get a bit tedious for me. S’ok though. It’s just once in awhile. My mix that has Marichy C & D and a tiny bit of second is what my body needs more often. I should start doing the ticks once in awhile when I do it that way.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg


30 Minute HIIT Total Body Workout & Fat Burn

This was a great warmup! I burned 199 in the half hour, whereas Melissa burns 300. That makes the over 1,000 from the Julia workout all the more remarkable. The only other time I burned more than 1,000 from a single activity was when I hiked up & down Dog Mountain with C (on our 2nd date).

1`. Warrior Deadlift-Right, 30
2. Warrior Deadlift-Left
3. Side Tap Leg Lift-Right 15 Put weight in front of right foot & wood chop it up. Return to floor and then do a side lift, left leg.
4. Side Tap Leg Lift-Left
5. Superman
6. Alternating SL Pushups
7. Tricep kickbacks w/ pulse, 20 Tricep Pushup I’ve never liked the tricep push-up! Not sure why but I prefer any other exercise for that muscle group.
8. Overhead Tricep 20
9. Rotating Pushup Jack Jack the feet, do a push-up & rotate to alt sides, leaving feet where they are but reaching up & looking @ hand.
10. Reverse Plank Leg Lift LOVE this move. It really works the back of the legs, right underneath the butt.
11. Knee-In & Switch Lunge
12. Pendulum Squat Squat w/ feet together & lift al legs to the side.
13. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Right
14. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Left
15. Squat Jump
16. Crunch & Tap
17. Elevated Feet, Knee to Opp Shoulder Knee Tap Plank
18. Side Plank Reach-Right
19. Side Plank Reach-Left
20. Angel Abs


  • My version of Suryas & standing
  • My version of Primary, skipping Triang Mukha & the Janu Sirsanas. Adding Tittibhasana A before Kurmasana, and Yoganidrasana after Supta Kurmasana.
  • Rack 1min x 2, holding on to the slats & then with 5lb weights
  •   Urdhva D to stand & 3 drop backs
  • Paschimo & Finishing, Sirsasana – I’d wanted to do 3min here but my workout was already too long, so I just added a 10 breath part: 1 – 25 breaths straight up, 10 in pike, 10 in backbend, 10 with raised head looking at toes.

I’ve ALWAYS been a #renunciate by nature

Or as Greg, formerly known as Fucknut, once said to a friend while pointing at me, That one’s a Sadhu in training. He made a gesture like this

tiny thing.jpg

and goes, She cares this much what people think. Him included!, As it later turned out. But I delete my digression. I’m no longer pissed about the ending.

I like to get really involved with things for awhile – passionate obsessions – and then (almost) totally abandon them: studies, artistic endeavors, NYC, ashtanga… I like to say I’m no longer this or that. I have a lot of practice in the fluidity of self identification, though I think sometimes I err too strongly in that direction…

Post meditation thoughts

Read a really long FB post by Matthew Sweeney this morning. I do regret I wasn’t ever able to participate in one of his month long intensives. He’s one of the few major, old school teachers I can ever read or watch without extreme eye roll. I was lucky enough to witness the end of his practice during my one and only, short month visit to Command Central. I ended up in the same spot in back of the room a few days in a row, starting my practice as M was finishing his, one or two rows behind me. Can’t remember which. I DO remember watching his tick tocks in awe while I was in my Suryas. I couldn’t fucking help it. He was right within driste.


Out of my previous, extensive collection of yoga books, this is the single one I decided to keep. It’s really all I needed to take with me to the west coast. It’s the best reference tools there is on the vinyasa, as far as I’m concerned.

Some rare nostalgia

Back in the golden days when Christopher was teaching me 3rd series as fast as he could, and I got the first eleven poses my first day in, I’d be studying the vinyasa from this book in the evening. If I messed it up C would make me repeat! And I was still doing full 2nd for a bit, though I’m pretty sure he took off the seven headstands within a few days. He gave me all of the arm balances within the next three weeks, and then gave me the split he’d already worked out, before he left for an India trip. All of my friends got new split instructions too. He’d want talk to you seated on the floor, right before you were going to roll up your mat to go. He’d sit RIGHT in front of you & lock on the mind control stare while he told you what YOU WERE GOING TO BE DOING the next six weeks. Everyone’s split was completely unique and made sense per student. That was C!

My first 2nd/3rd split was a helluva intense practice! I’d do suryas and standing and second to Kapo. Then I’d skip to Karandavasana and after that straight into 3rd. That’s a steady crescendo right there. Boom-boom-boom all the way through the freaking arm balances.

Anyway, to wrap this up so I can get on with my day, I’ll say that while I’m definitely interested in working more yoga into my exercise, some legitimate practice rather than merely minimal closing stretches, I’m hugely wary of getting over attached again. I am proud of myself that I broke my addictive relationship with Ashtanga. The only way I could do it was to steadily extricate myself further and further from the scene of The Cult, of course. Happily I’m in no danger of temptation there because I’m couldn’t afford any involvement

Another really long #HIIT & #reps with some #yoga to close

I still love overkill and pushing my limits… This quality was what made me so attracted to ashtanga, back in the day. But there also wasn’t all this home HIIT I’m pretty sure, and these workouts are better than ANYTHING I ever got in a gym.

I was so sore from the extra yoga yesterday! I should be doing ustrasana and kapo hangs more often probably, in my less HIIT and more yoga mix. And I probably shouldn’t do a Julia workout more than every other day, though I don’t know if I’ll always be able to restrain myself. That woman is a machine but I am not, lol.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Total Body Makeover by Julia

Warmup:30:30 3min
1. Jumping jacks
2. down dog to cobra
3. alt curtsy to plank hops
4. leg swings
5. leg swings
6. running man

Hit cardio no equip 50:10 2x

1. Heel clicks Hands on floor, half handstand & click heels. Come down, jump up & click from standing.
2. Switch kick SL triangle hop burpee
3. Bunny hops fwd wide high knees back
4. Ninja double tuck If I ever do this routine again I’ll swap out the ninja for maybe just a half burpee or change the move entirely. I always tweak out a knee trying to do full ninjas & I know where it happens. I pissed off my left knee a bit & noticed it later on. I had to be very careful with my form after!
5. 3 skaters + 4 twisted mtn climbers Crossing 1 foot in front of the other.

Rep based legs 3x with vest
Switched to working with notes here. Time = 35min!!!

1. Step up lunge back 12/leg 30/20/20 Step up & lift knee. Step down & lunge same leg back.
2. 12 alt Curtsy lunge plank hop push-up 30 This was the never ending move, lol.
3. 12 Squat slams 15/20 Start w/ weight directly above head
4. 12 Sumo squat + sumo dead lift 30lbs
5. 12 Switch lunges 2 + squat jump

HIIT 50:15 2x arms Time = 10:50 HIIT always feels like a “break” for me in Julia’s workouts bc there’s a strict time limit. I give  myself 15 seconds to check list & change moves tho, rather than 10, so my sets are 50 seconds longer than the video’s.

1. ski Squat hammer curl and press 30 Squat & hammer, stand & press up. Don’t release curl til you’re back in the squat.
2. Tricep push-up to tricep kickback burpees 20, Love this move. Could use 12lb weights for it, but I’ve been buying witchcraft supplies instead. 
3. Alt T stand press and dip + push-up 20
4. Alt Traffic dir lunges 20
5. Manmakers 30lbs

Rep based back 3x
SINCE A PULL-UP BAR IS SOMETHING I HAVE ACTUALLY ACCESS TO AGAIN: I sped up this set quite a bit by swapping out a both arms at the same time move with something that works both at once (2) and Chin-ups for a burpee variation (4). Besides that 1st rep set took me SO LONG!

Time = 24:00
1. 12 Back fly burpees 20/10/10, Hop back & SA fly both sides. Hop forward & squat & fly. Had to half my weight after the 1st round or I wouldn’t have made it through. Perfect weight would be 8lbs in each hand but I’ve only got 5s and 3s separately.
2. 12 Pull-ups 20
3. 12 Swings 35lbs
4. 12 Chin-ups
5. 12 eccentric y presses 20 Press up in a V and return a bit slowly.

Burnout: 10 minute abs AMRAP
Score: 2 full rounds plus 3rd round of move #1, slider knee tucks.
I only have one, non-adjustable 13″ elevation

1. 10 slider knee tucks In plank
2. 10 box jumps
3. 10 slider mtn climber shoulder taps 2=1
4. 10 rocket lunges per leg On floor, lunge back & hop forward with knee lifted
5. 10 Decline pike push-ups
6. 5 box jump + star jumps

(Total time 1:43:11)


About 15min

30min #HIIT and about 75min #ashtanga #yoga

Soundtrack was Dandy Warhols, Distortland, and Marilyn Manson, The Pale Emperor. Most current release for each artist. So hooray, I’ll take a shower today!

This song came on during yoga. It’s my new theme song. Lookout fuckers. I’m uncrossing and then I’m fucking reversing. I’m not going to make the mistake of getting specific (this time.)

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Standing Dumbbell Workout

  • (15/50) with jump rope before every move, time = 32:30 This is the routine I was going to do yesterday, but without the jump rope. Melissa’s short sets are pretty simple. I really need to do more of this 1/3rd HIIT and 2/3rds yoga format…
  1. Dumbbell Rotational Lunge (right) 20lb
  2. Dumbbell Rotational Lunge (left)
  3. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right) 35lbs
  4. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left)
  5. Tricep Press Back 20lb
  6. Bent Over Row 40
  7. Swings 35lbs
  8. Warrior Deadlift (right) 30lbs
  9. Warrior Deadlift (left)
  10. Squat / Side Kick Press (right) 30
  11. Bike Abs Chair Twist
  12. Squat / Side Kick Press (left) 30
  13. Overhead Tricep 20
  14. Single Leg Tap (right) 15, tapping weight to standing leg toes.
  15. Single Leg Tap (left)


Surprisingly I really haven’t lost much flexibility at all. The only thing is that, of course, the Kapo B gave me The Reaction from Miami. I should just call it “Miami”. I did drop backs for the first time in forever. I’ve learned not to look at the outside of my exercise or yoga. It’s too depressing. But they don’t feel that much worse than they were at the height of my yoga obsession.

  1. Suryas & fundamentals, 1st 3 poses of primary 30min
  2. Back bending intervals (15/30), 21min
    1. Anjenayasana R
    2. Hanuman upright, R
    3. Anjenayasana L
    4. Hanuman upright, L
    5. Standing Arch A
    6. Forward Bend
    7. Standing Arch B
    8. Forward Bend
    9. Standing Arch C
    10. Uttana
    11. Standing Arch C
    12. Seated Moving Twist (rest)
    13. Standing Arch D
    14. Uttana
    15. Standing Arch D
    16. Seated Moving Twist (rest)
    17. Ustrasana A
    18. Ustrasana B
    19. rest
    20. Kapo hang & don’t come up
    21. Kapo B
    22. rest
    23. Urdhva D, A
    24. rest
    25. Urdhva D, B
    26. rest
    27. Urdhva D, C
    28. rest
  • Urdhva D to stand

  • Drop Backs

  • Finishing