Killer #pyramid #intervals & #restorative #yoga

Workout was really like 1:48min total.

I glanced at my watch when getting up from savasana, but I forgot to stop it before taking a shower. I’m thrown off by all this door closing! It’s like I’m in a British art film. I brought the space heater in & warmed the room up just a little before turning it off & doing my pyramid. Then I turned it back on for yoga & back off when I was done. I was picking up the equipment, putting it back in the hall and getting shit I’d need and every time out of the room I’d closed the door to keep the heat in. Then I had to bring the heater into the bathroom and warm up that space. The light by the shower end is connected to a vent, which you need to have here because Portland = damp. In and out, doors closing. Sir Henry is confused. He hates a closed door! He’ll scratch outside and then complain when he’s let in and “shut in”.

You’ll see I had an intense workout cause I’d done about 25min easy yoga after finishing the pyramid, and then I’d cleared the space and gotten the bathroom heat going before taking off my watch to get in the shower, and my average was still 140.

This is good! I’ll be taking a forced, 2-week break from exercise over the holidays… and it’s not because I’m traveling. At the very most I’ll get 2 workouts per week. We’ll see how that goes. I immediately crossed any thoughts to cook off my list.


I gave myself a 2-3min break between sets, lol.

  1. pyramid 50:10 (2x) – 20min Wore 8lb vest.
  2. 40:10 (2x) – 16:40m No vest.
  3. 30:10 (2x) – 13:20m With vest through this & the rest of the sets.
  4. 20:10 (2x) – 10m
  5. 10:10 (2x) – 6:40m1. SA 1-2 burpee tuck jumps Using alt arms, jump back to plank & butt kick. Jump in & come up & tuck jump.
    2. Alt Curtsy lunge plank jack push-ups  2 10lb
    3. Switch lunge (weight pass through)
    4. Push up toe taps -t stand 
    5. Pendulum lunges + hops RL 2 15lb These are SO FREAKING HARD holding 30lbs & wearing a vest. And I’m just 8lbs! That’s enough with all the push-ups.
    6. Pendulum lunges + hops LL
    7. Lizard hops Kind of like a staggered, continuous nakrasana with 8 extra pounds on your shoulders.
    8. Manmakers 2 15lb
    9. In and out squat jumps 5 + star jumps (2)
    10. Cross/cross/upper front kick tuck jump

Total time – 1:16:50


About 25min restorative, with a 3min savasana. I really needed it! Normally I do like 1min.

Author: Boodiba

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