Upper Body Circuit Workout & #ashtanga, some beginning & finishing


No vest for any of this & when I got to circuit 3 I was sure glad! Those catarunga jacks are killer. I was in the midst of 10 when the buzzer rang & I just flopped belly to floor.

Circuit 1: 60:10 2x
1. Close chest press to pullover (bench) 20lbs / 26lbs (holding 3lb weights w/ thumbs)
2. Burpee with chest to ground
3. Chest fly to skull crusher 20lbs / 26lbs (holding 3lb weights w/ thumbs)
4. Black fly burpee 20lbs Jump back to plank & alt arm fly. Jump forward, stop bent over & fly both arms

Circuit 2:
1. Arnold press on one leg 30lbs Balance on one leg & raise weights to shoulders, palms facing in. Do a shoulder press & rotate palms to face out.
2. Pike pushup 3x + 3 double butt kickers + one V straddle Last part, u jump up & kick straight legs out in a V
3. Lateral to front raise 20lbs / 26lbs (holding 3lb weights w/ thumbs)
4. Commando down 4 plank jacks + up knee tuck

Circuit 3:
1. Bi curl to half way then external rotation 26lbs
2. Alt Single arm burpee + superman
3. Zottman curls in lunge postion 30lbs In deep lunge, bicep curl up & then rotate palms forward & lower down
4. Walking pushups + oblique plank hop, jump up heel grab 2 walking push-ups & diamond jump

Circuit 4:
1. Tricep kickbacks 20lbs alt bi curl & kickback
2. Tricep pushup burpee
3. Tricep Press backs and fwd lunges 20lbs keeping arms straight
4. 10 Plank jacks in tricep hold pushup alt 3 way knee tuck

Burnout 1: 4 moves 60:60
1. Arm circles 10lbs
2. Elbow plank hold
3. Tricep pushup pulses Pulse for 2 @ the  bottom
4. Bakasana

Burnout 2:
2 minutes: add on burpee with diamond pushup and heel grab. Do a burpee with 1 diamond pushup and 1 heel grab, then 2 diamond pushups and 2 heel grabs and so on until 2 minutes are up.

Julia Burnout: 10 moves 10 reps each
1. Decline pushups
2. 6 way shoulders 8lbs each hand Lateral, forward, above, back forward, out & down
3. T-stand presses 10 each side, 15lbs
4. Bi curl single single double
5. Decline tricep pushups
6. Flies 30lbs (no incline available)
7. Clean and presses 30lbs (right hand is too sore to hold the 2 10s right now – track pad hand)
8. Burpee bent row 30lbs
9. Divebombers
10. Chest press 30lbs (no incline available)



  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Paschimo & finishing to uttana padasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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