2000 subs=4000 sec of Happiness by Daniela



(10/50 – 20min set) with 8lb vest

Pair 1:

  1. Step-up to rev lunge and lateral raise (switch legs 2nd round) 10lbs
  2. 3 squat jacks to plank jack pushup

Pair 2:

  1. SL deadlift to row+ knee up bi curl + press (switch legs 2nd round) 15lbs
  2. 5 squat pulses to 180 jump

Pair 3:

  1. Skull crusher with butterfly bridge (hips lifted off the ground, knees out) 20lbs
  2. Tricep pushup burpee with 3 second hold in catarunga

Pair 4:

  1. Sumo squat to wide deadlift, 40√ Bit of a strain holding / bracing a 10lb weight with right thumb but soon I may have the adjustables.
  2. 4 tornado switch lunges (hopping curtsy lunge, L-R-L-R) + 4 oblique plank hops

Pair 5:

  1. Clean and press to curtsy lunge 40
  2. 4 switch lunges to 3 lizard hops

Part 2: Cardio circuit 10min, 10 moves 30 sec each no rest 2x through. This was a really tough, 10m set! Especially with a vest. I don’t know how J does 12lbs. 

  1. squat jacks
  2. squat jumps
  3. toe touch jacks
  4. mtn climbers
  5. yoga pushups
  6. groiners
  7. squat pulses
  8. touchdowns
  9. high knee toe taps (star jumps)
  10. elbow plank holds

Part 3: 10 minute strength AMRAP: Start with 1 rep of each move, then 2, then 3 and so on until 10 minutes are up. No vest. I’m SO SLOW on manmakers I got further behind every set. I finished 4 rounds minus one double rep of move 5.

  • holding 30lbs
  1. Squat
  2. Manmaker This be my nemesis move. I’m not sure why, since neither rows nor tricep push-ups alone are weak with me.
  3. Surrenders
  4. Rev lunge with hammer curl 
  5. SL deadlift with upright row 

Part 4: 10 minute Bulgarian madness, 5 moves (10/50), Do all 5 moves on one leg then repeat on the other leg. With 8lb vest.

  1. Bulgarians 20
  2. Bulgarian DL 20 OMG this move is SO MUCH HARDER on my weaker left glute. I was glad I started with that leg cause I knew it’d be the more painful
  3. Bulgarian pulses
  4. Bulgarian hop to SL pushup
  5. Bulgarian holds

Part 5: Upper body 5 moves (10/50) 2x 10 mins No vest!! I was really glad about that when I got to move 4. SUPER TOUGH without extra weight on your shoulders

  1. SA and SL rows using elv 20
  2. SA and SL rows using elv (20
  3. Tricep pulse pushup
  4. Pushup to rev commando onto elv
  5. Black fly burpee 2 10s

Part 6: 5 min cardio burnout, 5 moves 60 sec each No vest.

  1. 3 switch foot mtn climbers
  2. vertical frog hop to plank hop
  3. flying leg pushup
  4. elbow plank jacks
  5. high knees

Part 7: 2 min burpee finisher No vest.

Diamond pushup to a box jump, then 2 diamond pushups to 2 box jumps and so on until 2 minutes are up. 4 rounds and 2 diamond push-ups.

Total time: 1:26:58 #IDGAF but I hit pause after every set because:

  1. One thing I’m rich in is free time and
  2. I like to jot notes


About 18min



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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