I shouldn’t really be using my phone on less than 50%

Thanks gods I’ve got a separate battery and it’s freshly charged. I only used it once to power up the phone again, so I should have two more rounds, but I’ll need that to play a youtube workout later. I could tether laptop to phone as well, but it seems like that’d draw more power.

It’s the one day I can wake and bake for the next five days so I’m gonna.

I brought home a huge tub of ice cream in the free swag bag last night. Hope it survives. Had my last meal around midnight, some of the olive ciabatta with spinach and feta dip. I’d had handfuls of sausage bits, buttermilk chicken salad, wheat berries and cherries salad, some excellent Gouda and cheddar, these pungent cheese crackers… I’m probably forgetting something.

It’s no wonder so many people there are enormous. Like huge. So you’re the smallest one there cause you’re new? – Charlie.

I’m PMSing too. THAT always makes everything better. Trying to change a tampon while working menial with very limited breaks is going to be (dot-dot-dot) “awesome”. Cold is getting better but it really sucked not being able to freely blow my nose for 8 hours.

I always feel like an anthropologist when in the midst of groupthink. Are you people listening to yourselves? At least it’s harmless and friendly in this case.

I noticed the power was out when I got up to pee just past 5. Flicked the switch on the floor lamp a couple x and thought first it was just a lightbulb. The winds were really intense last night. C says sometimes they get to 100mph here. It’s cool and witchy but tends to knock trees into power lines.

So it’s been at least 3 hours. Here’s hoping they fix it by noon. 🙏


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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