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OK so it’s been a full week since my last workout. Sickness and life have got in the way. Workouts will be far less regular in the coming weeks and there will be a 2-week near blackout around the holidays. This is just the way it has to be right now. I’ve been meditating daily anyway, so there’s the silver lining.

I was intending to do this workout mostly with the video, which I’d started watching last night, but then the wind storm that went through the night to this morning knocked out our power for 5/6 hours. Thinking I might have to work from a list, I went through the breakdown and looked at the list and changed a bunch of stuff, mainly what I couldn’t figure out from the description. I also like to add pull-ups and chin-ups in there to take the place of some of the push-ups, evening out my strength areas. Since I’d made these changes I decided to stick with them & just take my time doing all the reps.

You can’t make up for a week in one session but this was good. And it might well be it for a few days. We’ll see. Unless I want to get up quite early for caffeination tomorrow it ain’t happening then. My sleep is just SO WEIRD lately. Even when I’m not sick I can’t seem to sleep through the night, and I need my rest right now.



Get STRONG by Kristin R.

Tabata HOLDS: 20 seconds active move, 10 seconds iso hold, 4x each pair
With 8lb vest.
Time = 7:10

  1. mountain climbers: bear crawl hold
  2. plyo pushups: t stand holds
  3. switch lunges: lunge holds

Glute Supersets (3x for each set)
Time = 1:42-2:18, 36min

Superset 1:
1. 12 Bulg Split Squats (per side) 30lbs
2. 12 Jumps weighted Squats 20lbs

Superset 2:
1. 12 Hip Thrusts (on rack floor / on rack couldn’t isolate the squeeze well) 30lbs
2. 12 Rev Lunges (per side) 30lbs

Superset 3: put ankle weights on for sets 3 & 4
1. 12 Sumo Squats 30lbs
2. 12 Donkey Kicks (per side) On hands & knees. Bent leg, bottom of foot toward ceiling.

Superset 4:
1. 12 SL Deadlift 30lbs I did mine raising my back leg, which was still weighted. 
2. 12 Windmill Deadlifts (per side) 30lbs / 35lbs lowering kettlebell to floor, too hard! / back to 30lbs not going down so far for round 3. Standing w/ feet hip width. Lower weight to outside foot, twisting, but bending knees.

Repeat 2x
No vest
Time = 2:21-2:44, 23min
1. 20 KB Swings 35lbs The first set of this was “interesting” coming off that glute superset. I think my kettlebell weighs more than the 35lbs it says too. It sure seems more than 5lbs heavier than my two 15s together.
2. 12 T stand knee pulls per side (5lbs)
3. 20 Pull-ups
4. 12 Burpees (tricep style push-ups & then wide hands, elbows moving out style)
5. 20 SA split lunge Snatches & press up (10 per side) 20lbs / 15lbs Normally 20lbs is not a problem for me doing single arm clean & press, but the lunge changed everything. Also a week of no movement perhaps! The only way I got through the 2nd side on the first round was to promise myself I’d drop to 15lbs next round
6. 12 squat and presses 30lbs

(15/50) x2, 15:10
No vest
1. Low Sumo Pulses  30lbs
2. Chin-ups
3. Chest Press + Leg Lift (Press weights up and lift straight legs at same time) 30lbs
4. Tricep pushup to 2 Plank Hip Dips
5. Around the world 20lbs
6. Fly to Pullover 30lbs
7. Frog Hoppers

Total time 1:30:30



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