#Tabata and #AMRAP, #menial jobs

Fit Wow I didn’t realize I’d posted my “contemplating the end of it all” post publicly, rather than in the Batcave where it belonged. Oops. I was over wrought…

Dear corporations, If you’d like to keep people in your temporary, no benefits minimum wage jobs, then you might try not advertising them as “part-time” if they are not.

I could’ve just handled 3-days a week.



BTW: I could still feel the last Julia workout I did, on Friday, when I started this. The glutes, baby!

Warm up:2 mins 30:30

  1. Jog in place
  2. Lunge and reach
  3. Walk out to plank
  4. Hanumanasana

Set 1: Cardio 6min (with 8lb vest, these 2 rounds)
Tabata Pair Time Pyramid (20, 30, 40, 50, 50, 40, 30, 20)
1. 8 mountain climbers + 8 high knees
2. up and over bench to half burpee

Cardio AMRAP (6 mins)

  1. 10 toe taps
  2. push-up & knee tuck, both legs
  3. fast feet up (x5)
  4. drop and pop to tuck jump (x5)

Tabata pair (10/20) 8x (4 min) with vest
1. 2 lunge back pulses + switch lunge
2. weighted chair lunges 20lbs

Leg AMRAP (6 min)- low elevation without vest

  1. Stand on bench, hop down
  2. Hands on box SL jump back pushup
  3. SL jump to one side
  4. pistol down and up
  5. lateral box jump
  6. hands down jump back and pushup up for straddle box again, switch legs.

Traditional Tabata (10/20 x8) No vest, these two sets
1. Three way push up (2 cross legs, 2 tricep-hold + jack, 2 single leg pike push up)

Upper Body AMRAP (6 min)

  1. 3 five decline pushups
  2. plank hop down to 5 deadlifts 40lbs
  3. 5 palms out rows 40
  4. 5 clean and presses 40 Really fucking hard, not to mention unsafe, to hold a 10lb weight via thumb joint while doing overhead moves, but I’m not going to be buying that set of adjustable weights now oh welz.
  5. 5 plank hops up onto elv

Tabata burnout  (10/50, 10/20) These 2 sets w/ 8lb vest
1. 50 sec heavy weight alt crusty lunge with triple pulse in lunge 30
• 20 sec plyo curtsy lunges
2. 50 sec heavy weight hip thrusts 30
• 20 sec iso hip thrust pulses
3. 50 sec heavy bulgarians RL 30 Single-leg Bulgarians, with the balance work and the 30lbs, really work my glutes. This lets me know I could really use 60lbs on the steadier, both legs deadlifts.
• 20 sec bulgarian pulse and hops
4. 50 sec heavy bulgarains LL
• 20 sec bulgarian pluse and hops

Booty AMRAP (6 min)

  1. 5 bear crawl hold fire hydrants per leg
  2. press into pike 5 glute raises per leg
  3. hop up and into deep sumo 5 pulses+5 sumo stomps per leg
  4. 5 sumo hops
  5. 5 rev lunge hops/ leg

Tabata pairs with holds (10/20) (do #1/a for 4 rounds, then #2/b for 4 rounds)
Hold boat pose during the 10 sec “rest” No vest for these. The weights placement moves around in the back of my vest & makes it too hard to do abs easily if I’m doing a bunch of sets.
1. 3way V sit abs
a. Hold: boat pose
2. 1 Weighted v-up + 4 russian twists 10lbs
b. Hold: boat pose

Ab AMRAP (6 min)
4 Windshield wipers
4 leg lowers
4 bicycles
4 roll up to navasana (hold 4 counts) on the last roll up flip over to forearm plank
4 commando
4 knee to opp elbow. Jump thru

(Total time 1:19:30)

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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