I’ve been meditating daily for a little while now

I’m still glad I exposed myself to it so early on, so I know how to do it, what works best for me. It’s still the traditional, closed-eyes, seated style I learned 20 years ago. I can sit in padmasana. I learned how to achieve “enough” stillness and acceptance there. I do the jnana mudra, except if Henry’s around, feeling playful. Just as he hates yoga sculptures – having murdered the Patanjali I brought home from my first trip to Mysore and beheaded a yoga figurine my sister gave me for Christmas many years ago – the upturned palm just screams “Bite me! Kick me!” to his feline brain.

Anyway it’s just become something I don’t have to put in my iCal or write into a list. This isn’t to say I’ll continue such diligence if the sitting is no longer so deeply required, but it’s always there when I need it.

Oh and I still use my Holosync tracks! That has outlasted the ashtanga… I got into it right before I discovered Mysore style and I kept up with it, off and on, past The Cult.

Stretching and self regard

Not so the extreme (for me) flexibility that I’d temporarily acquired through years of fixated obsession with self validation through ashtanga yoga. Of course once I no longer needed the validation, the degrees of finesse with poses like vrischikasana and ganda bherundasana ceased to matter, along with any need to practice those poses at all. Back bending is important to some extent for sure, but those types of poses are not at all functional fitness. No one’s ever going to chin-stand themselves out of danger!

I didn’t do any stretching at all after yesterday’s workout. That’s going a bit too far in the other direction. I’ll take care of that today. I’m still soooooo tired though. The sinuses are almost clear, but I still have to carry around my snot rag all day. I still am taking daily advil for the sinus headaches. And it’s soooooo dark. I might make like a cat and go back to sleep for a little while.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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