#strength & #cardio blast (#tabata) with #ashtanga #yoga


1 Minute Strength and 30 Seconds Cardio Blast

No vest at all today. Shoulders were a bit sore from yesterday.

Set 1: Decided not to tax my right thumb today and stick to a weight for which I have the matching set of dumbbells
1. Clean and press (30lbs)/squat jump & frog push-up
2. Fwd overhead  lunge and press (30lbs)/switch lunges
3. Alt Step up rev lunge (30lbs) /chair lunges
4. Switch foot Mtn climbers (30lbs)/Mtn climbers
5. Manmakers (30lbs) /plank hop tuck jump up

Set 2:
1 Push-up t stand presses (20lbs) /1/2 burpee hands on light weights to lunges w single arm presses
2 Chest press SL lift (30lbs) / push-up toe touch Wide arms. Chest dead! Not 100% range of motion here
3 Alt overhead triceps w curtsy (20lbs)/ skater straight lateral touching floor w/ fingertips each landing.
4 Arnold press (26lbs, 30 next time) and staggered squat/staggerd 180 squat jumps
5 Bear crawl kick throughs/ burpee kickthroughs

Set 3:
1 Sumo squat alt leg lift (30lbs)/ sumo hops (10lbs)
2 Deadlifts rotating kettlebell (35lbs) / Dumbbell swings (35lbs)
3 Pistol squats (heels propped)/Frog hopper at wall
4 Bulgarian SL push-up switch legs (30lbs) /plank fast feet up and down
5 Burpee pushup and 2 bent row (30 needed 40)/ plank mat hops 4 +push-up

Tabata pairs and strength and burpee challenge moves:

Pair 1
1 Jab/Cross front roundhouse (6lbs)
Plyo hop forward & 2 bunny hops back
10 burpee jab cross+hop over

Pair 2
1 Decline t-stand toe touches  (5lbs / would do 8 w/ a single weight)+ row light weight
2 Rocket step up RL with 30lbs
10 decline pushup plank hop+ jump lunge For all the 10-rep burpee variations I watched the 1st one, to see the move, and then paused the video. I’m really slow but I like to do all the reps with complete range of motion. Then I get nice breaks while I wait for the clip to get to the next pair, lol.

Pair 3
1. Oblique knee plank twists
2. Prisoner jacks
10 knee twist burpee jack toe touch kicks

Pair 4
1. High knees fwd wide high knees back
2. Touchdowns
10 froggy pushup burpees

(Time 1:05:37)


about 45min

  • Suryas & fundamentals my style
  • 1min urdhva d w/ hands on block
  • Finishing thru the headstands, 1min savasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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