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Wasn’t going to work out today, but C’s gonna be home tonight after all, and in that case we’ll probably drink some beer and have some dinner. I decided to revisit Bender Fitness. These are much shorter workout chunks than Julia’s, so you’re not committing to an hour’s plus routine (I always have to finish & am a lot slower in reps than Julia is).

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Plyo HIIT Fat Burning Body Sculpt

  • Round 1 with video. Rounds 2 and 3 with list & timer, and I changed the order slightly (swapping moves 14 & 15) in those rounds so I wouldn’t have back to back sets of burpees. I still don’t much enjoy them with extra weight flopping around on my shoulders!
  • All 3 rounds with 8lb weighted vest.

1. Burpee
2. Mountain Climber
3. Jump Squat
4. Russian Kicks
5. Switch lunge
6. Frogger
7. Surfer
8. Mountain Jumper 
9. Tuck Jump
10. Frog Hopper Stacking hips over shoulders in a half-handstand balance @ wall
11. Ninja Jump
12. Plank Jack
13. Speed Skater
14.Tuck Jump Burpee
15.Hip Lift Hook

BodyRock – Ab Workout

  • Workout starts at about 2:30. Funny their competitive banter.


  • About 30min

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