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Nice long one today as I’d come off a rest day yesterday. Rest days are horrible for me psychologically in my new existence, unfortunately they are necessarily physically. I do pretty strenuous exercise and certain muscle groups need recovery time.

One nice thing about doing HIIT in a room with a door is how much my body alone will warm up the room. That never happened with solitary yoga, no matter what series I was practicing. I’d need the space heater for sure.

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Warm-up: 10 jump rope intervals (10/30), 6:40 

Complex Upper Body and Cardio by Jamie

  • Moves 1-3 for 12 reps round 1, and 8 reps for round 2
  • Move 4 is done 1 time per set, for 8 reps.

Full Body Cardio Wipeout: (15/50×2 for a 21:40min set)

I changed the order & put the cardio before the upper body reps. I find that when I get the heart rate up at the beginning of a workout I burn more overall.

1. Plank hop to bear hop (hands & feet leave ground)
2. Clean and Press 40lbs
3. KB Swing 35lbs
4. Squat to alt rev lunge and kick 30lbs
5. Hands down straddle jump (keep hands on elv)
6. Sliders (feet on sliders)
7. Donkey hop kick throughs P90X styles
8. Half Burpee to standing, double butt kick
9. Tricep Dip switch kicks
10. Elevated feet alt leg tap downs

Upper body, 51m

1. Hammer Curl 26lbs / 30lbs
2. Regular Curl 26lbs / 26lbs Was gonna move up to 30 but my left arm has a chronically sore/weak spot that gets hit in this position, so I stayed where I was.
3. Wide Curl 20lbs / 26lbs
4. Hammer–Regular– Wide 20lbs
*add 1 round jump rope to end of every set (10/60)

Triceps: on bench
1. Skull Crushers 20lbs On bench, feet on floor, squeezing up thru glutes
2. Throat Crushers 20lbs / 30lbs Hold weights together @ sternum & press straight up
3. Cross Chest Extensions 10lbs SA touch weight to opp shoulder
4. Skull — Throat –Cross 20lbs
*add 1 round jump rope to end of every set (10/60)

1. Front Raise 20lbs
2. Arnold Press 30lbs Weights @ shoulders palms facing in. Press up & rotate palms forward
3. Lateral Raise 20lbs
4. Front — Arnold — Lateral 20lbs
*add 1 round jump rope to end of every set (10/60)

1. Standing Back Fly (arms straight in front of chest, fly out, keep straight arms) 20lbs This was a bit too heavy for this move for me but I had no choice but to stick with it & just extend less, especially in move 4.
2. Pull-ups
3. Chin-pups 
4. Fly — Pulldowns –upright row 20lbs After fly pull arms back & rotate hands up. Press up to a Y shape & pull down
*add 1 round jump rope to end of every set (10/60)

1. Bench Press 40
2. Chest Fly 30lbs
3. Pullover 20lbs
4. Press — Fly — Pullover 30lbs
*add 1 round jump rope to end of every set (10/60)

Quick Booty add on:
Step ups 10/leg 2x 30lbs (leaving working leg on the bench)
Hip thrust circuit: 10 reps + 30 sec hold 3x 35lbs Balanced a kettlebell on my pubis bone for these. I could totally go for a 75lb bar NOT parked on my crotch bone but you use what you’ve got!
Hip thrust circuit 10 reps + 10 sec hold 3x
Curtsy Lunge (reg, on ground) 10/leg 2 x 35lbs

(Total time 1:40:18)


About 17min



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