#HIIT #Tabata #reps and #yoga

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Fast and Furious by Oxana

More like slow & lethargic in my case, but hey, at least now I’ll take a shower today. No fucking vest at all. I didn’t have it in me. 

Knee circles
Down dog cobra
Fwd back lunges

SET 1. Pyramid up 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 50:10
– Lat high knees drop and pop
(Suicides) (run from one side of the room to another tapping the floor on each side)

SET 2. 50/10 HIIT ( twice )
1. Plank Jacks shoulder taps
2. 3 pulses 1 tuck jump
3. kick under pushups to T-stand
4. 3 switch lunges, 1 kick
5. Reptile pushup
6. Standing switched kicks
7. Walk into plank, tricep pushup, frog jump
8. Jugglers
9. Reverse plank with leg lift
10. Skaters
I ALWAYS sit down for my breaks, lol.

SET 3. Tabata pairs 20:10 8x 4 mins each

1. 5 low jacks 1 star jump
2. Side plank leg lift (right)

1. 4 lateral hops, 180 tuck jump
2. Side plank leg lift (left)

SET 4. Pyramid down 50:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10
Plank hops (3 way)

SET 5. 20 Reps each, 16min
1. Diamond pushup burpees
2. Lunge back touch down and kick R
3. Lunge back touch down and kick L
4. Squat jumps
5. Walking pushups each walkout counts as 1 rep
6. Toe touch jacks
7. Commando plank
8. Hip thrust (right leg)
9. Hip thrust (left leg)
10. Wide mountain climbers

SET 6. Burnout 60 sec each exercise no rest
1. Heel clicks
2. Half burpees
3. Roll back to Diamond jumps
4. Fast feet
5. Angry donkeys



About 26min


Author: Boodiba

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