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I knew I was right to be afraid of this routine! I looked at it yesterday with a whole lotta nope. I knew if the clip was 90min I’d be about 2 hours, and sure enough my time was 2:01:55 for the workout. I loved it! Wasn’t crazy about the format of the closing Tabata but that could be easily swapped out.


Full Body Abs and Booty Burn by Kristin

I looked at this the other day & saw it was mostly reps AND 90min, which meant I’d need to allow 2 hours and do it from a list.

Warmup: 10 intervals of (10/30) jump rope. (6:40)

Reps: 16, 12, 8 Added 8lb vest for round 2, move 4, and then all of round 3
1. DL to Clean & Press (30/30/40)
2. Bicep Curl to Front Press (palms facing face – press weight straight up) (20/26/30)
Have to be really careful & slow lowering the weights for the weakness in the left arm. I’m mindful tho.
3. Elevated feet row L+R=1 (10/15/20) Do 1 arm & then the other
4. Bulgarian to Fwd Lunge (20/20 + 8lb vest /30)

Abs & Buns (50:10 x 1) vest off
1. Jump rope
2. Weighted Sumo Stomps (30)
3. Alt Superman’s with the knee-in crunch, elbow to knee

Reps: 16, 12, 8
1. Narrow Squat with Scaption Raise (Thumbs up, front ‘“y-raise”) (8) Lift while squatting
2. Surrenders + Squat and press (20/20/20) 1=1 heart rate right up to 170 here on 1st round!
3. Tricep burpee on weights to tricep kickback at the top (20) with pulse on the top of the kickback. SWEATING BALLS BY THIS POINT!
4. Frog Hopper I love this move so am always throwing it in. This amount of reps was HARD tho.

Abs & Buns (50:10 x 1) @50m
1. Weighted Sit up to Stand + 3 squat pulse (10)
2. Alt curtsy Single weight touchdown + overhead raise and leg lift (15)
3. Weighted Goblet Sumo + Side Crunch 30 Tab elbow to opp leg

Reps: 16, 12, 8 L+R=2 reps
1. SA Plank Hop to dead lift + SA swing (15/20/20) Did 20 on 1st round cause forgot to change arms until 10 on the right
2. Staggered PU + leg up 1/2 reps each arm. Put one hand on block. Do push-up & lift same side leg on the up.
3. Chest Press + Hip Thrust Hold (30/30/40)
4. SL burpee + switch kick This was the NEVER ENDING interval.

Tabata Burnout 20:10 x 8 (Each move before moving to the next) 17:30
1. Pike Alt Glute Raise to pike Spiderman Pushup From down dog
2. Hammer curl and plie squat (Zottman) Curls (20)
3. V-Sit + Alt SA Press (hold weights up, palm face you, twist turn palm out as you press) (10) Start w/ back on mat, holding weights @ shoulders
4. Static Lunge + SA Rows (Switch legs each round) (20)



About 18min


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