Things I like about #HIIT over #ashtanga

  1. HIIT’s flexible and can be adapted to your schedule rather than the other way around. Sessions can be 15min or upwards of 90. You can do them first thing in the morning, but any time of day or evening also works and you don’t have to starve beforehand.
  2. There are many excellent, free workouts on youtube. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars per month for extremely limited availability (example: only between 6:30 & 9am on weekdays -so even if you don’t have to get to an office job you’re obliged to keep ass crack of dawn risings – and only five or six days per week at best, not including moon days, when the teacher is sick or traveling.) I used to love paying high fees, giving up work and flying somewhere to practice with some teacher who might then disappear to go do a workshop some other place, thus getting paid to be in two places at once. I’d make jokes about sending in my cat to do my design job while I was off in India and demanding the exact same pay rate.
  3. No one cares or ever needs to know if you can achieve non functional feats of flexibility.
  4. You tends to build loads of strength without the constant injuries and generally the only pain incurred is muscle soreness rather than tears and tweaks.
  5. If it hurts you can change the movement!
  6. There isn’t this fear based, grasping NEED to do it when the situation indicates rest would be healthier because you might “lose” something.
  7. There is way less of a false correlation between abilities and morals. No one gets all precious about their bicep 💪🏻 curls. It’s just exercise. Yoga adepts, however, are practically worshipped, when amazing asana all too often comes with enormous, blind narcissism.

Deep thoughts in lieu of the nap 😴 that eludes me.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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