Another really long #HIIT & #reps with some #yoga to close

I still love overkill and pushing my limits… This quality was what made me so attracted to ashtanga, back in the day. But there also wasn’t all this home HIIT I’m pretty sure, and these workouts are better than ANYTHING I ever got in a gym.

I was so sore from the extra yoga yesterday! I should be doing ustrasana and kapo hangs more often probably, in my less HIIT and more yoga mix. And I probably shouldn’t do a Julia workout more than every other day, though I don’t know if I’ll always be able to restrain myself. That woman is a machine but I am not, lol.

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Total Body Makeover by Julia

Warmup:30:30 3min
1. Jumping jacks
2. down dog to cobra
3. alt curtsy to plank hops
4. leg swings
5. leg swings
6. running man

Hit cardio no equip 50:10 2x

1. Heel clicks Hands on floor, half handstand & click heels. Come down, jump up & click from standing.
2. Switch kick SL triangle hop burpee
3. Bunny hops fwd wide high knees back
4. Ninja double tuck If I ever do this routine again I’ll swap out the ninja for maybe just a half burpee or change the move entirely. I always tweak out a knee trying to do full ninjas & I know where it happens. I pissed off my left knee a bit & noticed it later on. I had to be very careful with my form after!
5. 3 skaters + 4 twisted mtn climbers Crossing 1 foot in front of the other.

Rep based legs 3x with vest
Switched to working with notes here. Time = 35min!!!

1. Step up lunge back 12/leg 30/20/20 Step up & lift knee. Step down & lunge same leg back.
2. 12 alt Curtsy lunge plank hop push-up 30 This was the never ending move, lol.
3. 12 Squat slams 15/20 Start w/ weight directly above head
4. 12 Sumo squat + sumo dead lift 30lbs
5. 12 Switch lunges 2 + squat jump

HIIT 50:15 2x arms Time = 10:50 HIIT always feels like a “break” for me in Julia’s workouts bc there’s a strict time limit. I give  myself 15 seconds to check list & change moves tho, rather than 10, so my sets are 50 seconds longer than the video’s.

1. ski Squat hammer curl and press 30 Squat & hammer, stand & press up. Don’t release curl til you’re back in the squat.
2. Tricep push-up to tricep kickback burpees 20, Love this move. Could use 12lb weights for it, but I’ve been buying witchcraft supplies instead. 
3. Alt T stand press and dip + push-up 20
4. Alt Traffic dir lunges 20
5. Manmakers 30lbs

Rep based back 3x
SINCE A PULL-UP BAR IS SOMETHING I HAVE ACTUALLY ACCESS TO AGAIN: I sped up this set quite a bit by swapping out a both arms at the same time move with something that works both at once (2) and Chin-ups for a burpee variation (4). Besides that 1st rep set took me SO LONG!

Time = 24:00
1. 12 Back fly burpees 20/10/10, Hop back & SA fly both sides. Hop forward & squat & fly. Had to half my weight after the 1st round or I wouldn’t have made it through. Perfect weight would be 8lbs in each hand but I’ve only got 5s and 3s separately.
2. 12 Pull-ups 20
3. 12 Swings 35lbs
4. 12 Chin-ups
5. 12 eccentric y presses 20 Press up in a V and return a bit slowly.

Burnout: 10 minute abs AMRAP
Score: 2 full rounds plus 3rd round of move #1, slider knee tucks.
I only have one, non-adjustable 13″ elevation

1. 10 slider knee tucks In plank
2. 10 box jumps
3. 10 slider mtn climber shoulder taps 2=1
4. 10 rocket lunges per leg On floor, lunge back & hop forward with knee lifted
5. 10 Decline pike push-ups
6. 5 box jump + star jumps

(Total time 1:43:11)


About 15min

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