Quick #HIIT

Was thinking to take a rest day but checked the blog & I’d already taken two this week so… Was going to do about 40min of yoga after this but bf was ready for dinner!


Speedy Sculpt Strength, Cardio, and Abs

warmup: Note to self if you repeat: just do jump rope warm-up
jogging in place
down dog cobra
lunge and twist
jumping jacks

60:15 2x 20 mins
1. Sa fly + Lunge back hands together and twist, 10lb 5lbs in each hand was definitely all I could manage!
2. Push-up on dumbbell+ kick under + t-stand press and headbanger 20lb
3. Manmakers 30lbs
4. Chest Press (bench) 40lbs Had to drop to 30 next move b/c holding the two 10s crossed was hurting my right hand.
5. Tricep push-ups + pike (sliders)
6. Deadlift + squat + upright row 40 Did a regular row in the squat. It’d actually be challenging if I had two 25s I could lift!
7. Clean and press + rotational DL down and drop weight + jump over weights + rotating DL back up to clean and press again 30 Very cool move.
8. Flying leg tricep push-up pistol burpee I did just 2 flying leg switches @ the bottom

SHORT SET OF JUMP ROPE INTERVALS: Paused after 1st set to make some notes. My heart rate was sluggish, 97 at close, so I decided to throw in my 10x (10/30) jump rope interval in here, 6:40min. That always gets my blood moving when my body doesn’t want to.

50:10 2x (10 mins)
1. Angry donkey heel clicks
2. Surrender (alt legs) / star jump No ninjas allowed for me! LOL. 
3. Weighted Chair Lunges 20
4. 3 flying leg  Mtn climber to warrior 3 + hands down rainbow glute raise Stayed in a dighasana A position for this part
5. broad jump + box jump+ bunny back

60:15 2x 10 mins
1. Lat pull over butterfly legs 20
2. V up 5+ v split pulses 5
3. Leg raises weighted toe reach 10
4. Alt crab toe touches

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer