Upper body #HIIT, some #abs and a tiny bit of #yoga

In deference to my neck tweak I didn’t wear my vest today. And in deference to the micro moon I didn’t do a (real) yoga practice. Bit of a low burn… Not sure if I was psyching myself out to be low energy because of the moon, but I got one in. So far I haven’t gotten in a workout on Wednesday afternoons, when I get back to the hill, because I’d rather eat! You never know though.


Warmup (10/30×10=6:40min jump rope intervals

BodyRock – Upper Body & Cardio

Did the whole thing 15/50 instead of doing shorter working intervals from move 40 on, as per video. 2 sets with a 1.5min break in between

Set 1

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Superman burpee tuck jump
  3. Bicep curl to 70% up, 26
  4. Pike push-up, jump feet out to reg push-up
  5. Bicep curl, 26
  6. Half burpee (no push-up) & tuck jump
  7. Hammer curl, 30
  8. In & out squat jumps, touching floor w/ fingertips
  9. Hammer curl
  10. High knees
  11. Upright row, 20
  12. Jump squat & hop to back lunge, alt legs
  13. Upright row 26
  14. Inner foot tap, jog (like a half juggler)
  15. Front raises, 20
  16. Skaters (lateral hops)
  17. Front raises
  18. Side duck (under imaginary bar) and tuck
  19. Overhead tri 20 Must’ve messed up here but I had 3 front raises in a row so I stuck this in. There’s more triceps later but mine could use extra love so…
  20. Front flies 20 (Slightly bent arms. Bring weights forward, palms facing up, to about shoulder level)
  21. Switch kick (Start in deep lunge w/ hands on floor. Switch lunge & come up & kick.)
  22. Front flies 26
  23. Broad jump forward & bunny hop back
  24. Side raises, 20

Set 2

  1. Punch kicks, kicking forward & moving fast, like jogging
  2. Side raises 20
  3. Skaters
  4. Shoulder press, 30
  5. Switch lunge
  6. Shoulder press
  7. Mat jumps, fast as possible
  8. Standing flies (arms slightly bent, held out in front of chest & moving out wide) 16
  9. Pogo RL (Lunge back, touching floor & rocket jump up)
  10. Standing flies
  11. Pogo LL
  12. Tricep kickbacks w/ pulse 20
  13. Feet together jump squats, saying low
  14. Tricep kickbacks
  15. Wide leg jump squats
  16. Bicep curl, bottom to half way up, 20
  17. Bicep curl, top to half way down, 20
  18. Full bicep curl, 20
  19. Lateral raise, 20
  20. U press (Arms bent at 90-deg. Elbows shoulder level. Go from straight out in front to up in a U) 10
  21. Arms bent 90-deg again, hands up, elbows pressed together. Move elbows out to the side & back in, 10
  22. Same angle, elbows in front of shoulders, hands up. Punch alt hands up, 10
  23. Overhead triceps, 20
  24. Around the world, 20



Went to Lisa’s YouTube page to pick out a quick ab bonus I hadn’t done yet. Closed with about 15min easy yoga. Karna pidasana was better today!


Got up at 4:15 as planned. Was no problem cause Ch and I had an early dinner at my favorite, nearby McMenamins along with a couple muscle relaxers (beers) and I went to bed a bit after 8pm.

I did my sit and banishing ritual and then I had some extra time before the hour of Jupiter commenced, either 6:22 or 6:26am according to online sources. I had a couple candles and incense going. Turned out all electric light & did some light yoga & concentration before I started exactly at 6:22. I was finished about 6:40!

I felt a bit silly but it’s all worth a try. Ritual! Tried to get back to sleep later but I think I’ll need to wait until the caffeine wears off a bit. Later in the afternoon I’ll go into my studio, pick something to work on and call my servitor.

First part of this, about enjoying the idea of something, is applicable for a desired attitude toward this whole endeavor.

A therapeutic #primary plus was actually a good workout! #yoga


Gratuitous shot of Henry that I didn’t already post on IG

Warmup: (10/30×10=6:40min) jump rope intervals
I had to do forward, cautious neck rolls in the 10-second breaks cause I was really feeling my neck tweak. Just this little bit of a warm-up kept me humming all the way through my yoga practice though. Amazing!


Was very careful with the neck. Did two, very tight chakorasanas & then was like “Duh” and omitted the next two. I took a lot of extra time in the updogs., getting up on my big toe knuckles a lot in that under-rated pose. I also had to be very focused in sirsasana and put barely any weight onto the top of my head. Normally it doesn’t matter much. Anyway I feel all toned up, tuned in and much betterer.

  • Suryas & standing
  • Primary+ and 2nd to kapo B (my pose roster)
  • Urdhva D, 3 drop backs, 1 truckload of bricks tick
  • Finishing, full 5min savasana

Book recommendation: The Permanent Pain Cure

I kept hardly any books when I moved cross country to Portland. If I kept this, you can bet I found it particularly useful.

IMG_9632.JPGEven people who aren’t OCD Ashtangis and/or HIIT athletes get pain! I have a long history of fixing various tweaks and injuries, and I bought this back in January 2011. I love how you can look up old purchases on Amazon, I’ve gotta say. It’s keeping a no-effort diary of interests. I’m pretty sure it was when my 3rd year of full third series finally started to shred what’d been my impervious knees. (People used to describe me as “indestructible”. For a couple glorious years of expansion it certainly felt that way.)

Impermanence and injury are closely related

Had a rest day yesterday, I got the book out this morning because for the second time within a week and a half, I’ve tweaked out the left side of my neck by sleeping wrong. That’s right. How annoying! I try to be careful not to fall asleep in any overly neck-stretched position, and still… I have to admit, though, I haven’t been very good about practicing my easy-ish yoga as often or thoroughly as I know I should. I can get little minor tweaks in my weaker left arm & just ignore them…

There are specific sets stretches per area of pain, so I looked up neck pain & will try out a set tonight. Some of them I’ve done before, of course, having worked on issues with: shoulder, mid back, both knees. Ashtanga! I remember when I was learning just the beginning of second series and I did a Manju week at Shiva Shala, its lower First Ave location. That was the era of the throbbing right shoulder. I pointed to it before a back bending assist, I think, and let him know I had an injury. And he made a joke! Oh yes, yoga is a cure for everything except that which is caused by the yoga. Then he guffawed merrily. I was completely taken aback, confused and truthfully a bit scandalized. Still in my rose-colored glasses phase. How can you say that??? is what I was thinking. Later on of course I would greatly appreciate that early irreverence.

It’ll still take me probably 20/25 min at first because I have to skim through all the instructions. I’ve picked out 7 moves, but all but 2 of those are 2-sided. And I’ll work out today but I’ll leave the weighted vest out of it for a few days. I don’t need 8lbs of dead weight bouncing around on my shoulders at the moment.

Tomorrow’s the new moon (in Sagittarius I believe) ! I already set up the coffee maker in my bathroom, so when I get up just past 4 I can just hit the start button. There are preparations for the ritual!






53min Booty-centric #HIIT and 50min #ashtanga #yoga

A witch has gotta keep her force field up

Got ‘er done early today, thank f-ing gods. I can take a rest day tomorrow if I like, or I can do a very short HIIT and more yoga. Urdhva D and drop backs would be nice. I’d like to repeat this routine, minus the abs maybe because the heart rate drops too much before you get to the stretching.


warm-up: jump rope intervals (10/30×5=3:20)

BodyRock – Leg & Thigh Workout & Ab Bonus

  • (15/50) 34:40min, wearing vest
    with list
  1. Squat jacks, touching floor w/ fingertips
  2. Squat w/ alt curtsy, 40
  3. Jump squat, turn to the side & do lunge hop, alt
  4. Deep sumo squat, 30
  5. Squat & diamond jump (clicking heels together)
  6. RL lunge back & kick out to the side, 35lb kettle bell in left hand
  7. Other side
  8. Jump squat & back lunge, alt legs
  9. Goblet squat & press up, 30
  10. Jump squat & lunge back RL
  11. On bench, lunge back & then lift knee RL, 20
  12. Jump squat & lunge back LL
  13. On bench, lunge back & then lift knee LL, 20
  14. High knees
  15. Side lunge & then lift knee, 30
  16. Other side

  17. Low jacks
  18. Jump squat & opp knee lift, twisting elbow to knee
  19. Deep plie squat, rotating knees in & back out 30
  20. Deep plie squat, shifting weight in steady line over 1 foot then the other 20
  21. Low lunge, picking up front foot in a hop, touching hands underneath
  22. Other side
  23. Low, narrow squat. Staying low, step out to one side & bring other foot in. 20
  24. SL half squat, lifting other leg out to the side & squeezing
  25. Other side
  26. Narrow squat & squeeze up, 40
  27. Plie squat pulse, 30
  28. Deadlift, 40
  29. Squat with SA press up & turn (almost woodchop) 20
  30. Other side
  31. Plie pulse, lifting alt heels & then both
  32. Wide leg deadlift, 40


  • 10/50=10min, no vest
  1. Hold 1 weight, come up from the floor & lift opp leg, 5
  2. Other side
  3. Up & over abs, 10lbs. Feet off floor. Come up to C-sit & extend arms up & back, lifting legs.
  4. Sitting on heels woodchopper, 10
  5. Other side
  6. C-sit, feet off floor, knees bent, SA press up & across over opp shoulder (other fingertips on floor for balance, 10
  7. Other side
  8. Pendulum, 5
  9. Hands under bum. Pull knees in & extend legs out, shoulders off floor, 5lbs bet feet
  10. Straight abs




  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Rack 1min
  • Finishing to Sirsasanas (my 4-part style)
  • Savasana 1min

Advent and the New Moon

The Darkness

The murk of this part of the year in the Pacific Northwest is really something. If I could, I’d get away for a good two months of it, or at least I like to imagine that, currently looking at pictures of friends in places like Thailand or Bali. But then I wouldn’t want to leave Henry for that long. I’m spared from these kinds of tough decisions by a lack of funds, but now is the time in my life that I’m supposed to buckle down and focus art. Again. #fullcircle

Advent and the New Moon

You might as well make things ceremonial right? Charlie and I are gonna make an advent wreath on Sunday. I’d wanted to do that last year when I found out about the existence of the thing, at Trinity Episcopal. I’d passed by a couple times and was intrigued by the building, and then I found out they’ve got a fantastic pipe organ and choir. I love choral music and technically I’m Episcopalian, even if I’d never heard of advent. In those days I still thought I was going to do the full-time job and apartment thing too, and figured prayer couldn’t hurt, at least. I accidentally chose the 1st day of advent to attend my 1st (of 4 I think) service, and was intrigued by the pagan feel of it all. They had a wreath making class after and for $10 you can take it home with you, but ya $ so… We’re going to make one here. Plenty of trees outside. I’d still like to have a candle holder for it though. Looked at a bunch of them on Amazon.


I particularly like this one for the price ($35) but by this point it’s too late to get it in time anyway. Maybe next year 🙂

The new moon is on Tuesday! I have to get up at like 4-fucking-am, in order to meditate and perform the banishing ritual before the first hour of Jupiter at 6:12. I just worked on my second draft of the oratory. I’ll be totally ready. I started way earlier and as an artist I have a definite edge in the imaginative.

Lastly I am REALLY STIFF & SORE for working out at night and doing the barest, minimal stretching after. I think I did a quick forward bend and that was it. Bad me. And I have to exercise today, still, in order to make my 5x tally for the week. I’ve gotta make sure to put in at least 30min yoga I’d say. Anyways it’s time to sit.

Evening #HIIT

I looked back in my blog & discovered I’d already taken two rest days this week, so I decided WTF I’ll get out of bed long enough to follow along with the video for this workout. Normally I do some yoga after of course by my only goal was check it off the list & work up enough sweat to necessitate a shower.


No Equipment Thanksgiving Workout by Christine Comeau

Let’s get cooking warmup 40:40
1. Downward dog + step forward to lunge + open arms
2. Slow body weight squat + hands to floor and jump out or walk out to plank
3. 4 jacks + 8 jog in place
4. Plank + 4 swimmer arms + stand and 4 toe touches

AMRAP Appetizer (4 min)
1. (crow pose hold- 5 counts pop out to 5 pike pushups
2. 5 Scorpion hip dips on each side then plank hop pike jump
3. 5 roll back 2 star jumps
4. 5 prisoner jacks- keep those wings up)

pyramid: (40:10: 50:10, 60:10, 70:10, 80:10, 80:10, 70:10, 60:10, 50:10, 40:10) 12 min
1. Sumo squat hold x4 + 4 Sumo stomp+ 4 sumo hops
2. 3 Flying mountain climbers + SL tricep pushup+ kick through
3. Pistol squat 3 sec pause + kick
4. 3 bunny hops forward + drop and pop + tuck
5. Iron Quadzilla- classic quadzilla + two switch lunges and criss cross
6. alt plyo curtsy + 4 mountain climber
7. Alt Pistol Squat My knees don’t much like ninjas so I changed this move
8. Broad jump forward + 2 switch lunges + bunny hop back
9. donkey kicks up and over
10. Rocket squats (3 steps down explode up)

no rest tabata (20:10 x 4) 8 min Harder than I’d suspected! Glad I started off sans vest 🙂 
1. Dive bombers (hold move = downward dog glute raise)
2. Froggy push up burpee + wide leg tuck jump (hold move = froggy hold- hold in back position)
3. 2 tricep push ups + 4 tricep hold jacks (hold move = plank)
4. Inchworm hops + explosive push up (hold move = midway push up position)

The “sides” (rep based)
10 oblique hop burpees
8 side plank with bottom and top knee in (2=1)
6 side plank + reach under + leg raise (2=1)
4 animal flow kickthroughs + knee to elbow in crab (2=1)
2 oblique V ups/side (2=1)

Going for seconds (50:10, each move x2) 18 min
1. Tricep fall + 2 tricep hold plank jack + angry donkey up
2. Up/down Commando plank + SL plank hop in and out
3. Reverse lunge 4 pulses + kick up to handstand, switch
4. Knee pulls x 3 + 3 tuck jump (wide + narrow + pike)
5. Elevator jack burpee (down for 4 then jump back to push up, jump to low squat and jack back up)
6. Y- plank walkouts (inchworm to plank and walk your hands as far forward as you can)
7. Diamond push up + downward dog glute raises + Diamond jump at top
8. A-alt plyo curtsly + 2 spiderman push-ups
9. Y-Wide burpees

Dessert finisher (x3)
25 mountain climbers (narrow/wide/cross)2=1
20 switch lunge (tornados/lateral lunge jumps/std) 1=1
15 plank hop to squat (narrow/sumo/ski)
10 push ups (std/tricep/dive bomber)
5 burpees (std/tricep/diamond)