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Pyramid Butt Workout

  • 10-7, I went down rather than up! AND I didn’t finish!!! First time ever but my time just for the 4 rounds was 1:40. 
    • I could still feel soreness in my right delt and there are a lot of push-ups in here. I think I did it with the recent chest press. I like to do 40lbs but I have to hold the two 10s in my right hand and it really hurt my right hand last time. The jiggling creates extra strain in stabilization. I had to drop down. That was the only thing I did different, right to left, involving shoulders so I know that was the culprit. I had the realization as soon as I was doing wide push-ups (similar motion) and the tweak complained.
    • I remember I used to wonder how I was cutting up my right hand during yoga practice. The right shoulder is stiffer… I figured it out real quick when I was clawing left hand down right, binding both hands to the right foot in nataranjasana. I hit a fresh, still sore cut I’d made just the day before. Aha!
  • 4 rounds as per below (10 reps, 9 reps, 8 reps, 7 reps)
  • Ankle weights: thru round 7 for moves 1-3, 8-10
  1. Sumo squats  with leg lifts 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weightsDo sumo & then lift L & R (alt) leg out to the side & squeeze
  2. Bulgarian split squats R and L legs 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights Run thru all reps on each leg & then switch
  3. Curtsy lunge pulses 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights
  4. 5 Jugglers + 2 box jump 8lb vest
  5. Pike fast feet for 5 + drop down (belly on floor) + tuck jump bodyweight Hands off the floor & a little arch in the back @ the bottom (like competition burpees)
  6. SL hop in box with weight 15lb dumbbell rounds 10-8, then dropping to 10lbs
  7. Kick through burpees bodyweight 2 push-ups @ the bottom
  8. Elv 90 Degree glute raises  30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights Standing foot on bench. Pike-ish position. Touch toes to floor
  9. Dead lift combo 30lbs dumbells 1st round, then 35lb kettle bell + 8lb vest & ankle weights Reg, feet pointed in, feet pointed out
  10. SL hip thrusts 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights On floor, from tabletop


  • About 15min. Tomorrow I’ll focus on yoga, that which I am able to do, lol.

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