Quick #HIIT & mini set of #ashtanga #yoga


16 Minute HIIT: Burn Fat Fast: Lower Body Workout

  • (10/50) with jump rope for a 24min set
  • Inadvertently had a 5min warmup: 3 rounds jumprope & first two moves as I forgot to start my timer! 
  1. Woodchopper ½ Burpee 15lb
  2. Jump Kick (right knee up)
  3. Surfer Heel Click Burpee
  4. Jump Kick (left knee up)
  5. V-Up / Superman
  6. Tuck Squat Jump Straddling bench so bum touches down in the squat.
  7. Kick Back / Kick up (right) Hands on floor. Lift leg straight & then bend & foot to ceiling.
  8. Kick Backs (left)
  9. Get Ups I changed this move to a backward rolling shoulderstand, straight foot pistol up & down. I’m clumsy, but if I use momentum I can get up to my feet.
  10. Back/Side lunge (right) 20lbs
  11. Back/Side Lunge (left)
  12. X-Jump



  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C and D; Second: add Ustrasana var right after reg rendition, with prayer hands; go to Laghu Vajra and then do a Kapo hang
  • Rack A Wanted to do Urdhva D and drop backs but more than that I wanted to keep it under 90min. Need to grocery shop & help C with jam night.
  • Finishing & savasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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