Booty & shoulder killing #tabata & #HIIT with a bit of #yoga

First a mini rant

By the end of this my glutes were screaming at me! But I swear I had aggression to work off, still leftover from last night. It’s not a jam night unless someone asks why my hair’s so gray or what my employment status is. I suppose I could counter with, Old. Dead. Hey, have you gained some weight??? I’m fitter than you, anyway.


No Rest Tabata and Circuit Mashup

Warmup: jumprope (10/30)x10 6:40

  • 10/20×8 for each pair.

1. Manmakers 30lbs
2. Plank

1. Squat & press 30lbs
2. Plank shoulder taps

1. Plank jack burpee
2. Squats or squat holds

1. Swings 35lbs This one KILLED me. Still so much work w/ this kettlebell
2. Switch lunges

Circuit 1: 4x 5 reps each
Time = 15min
1. Manmaker 30 Oy with the manmakers already!!! lol
2. Thrusters 30
3. Wall run with 10 shoulder tap

Circuit 2: 3x
Time = 19min
1. 15 Weighted burpee (deadlift) 40
2. 15 swings 35lbs
3. Weighted step up 10/leg 20lbs

Circuit 3: 5x complex, 5 reps each, 30lbs
Time = 13min
1. Clean
2. Squat & press
3. Squat holding weights at sides with extended arms, touching to floor on bottom
4. Alt lunge 5/leg
5. Goblet squat

(Time = 1:19)



Author: Boodiba

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