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I still notice beauty!

It’s easy to let Facebook make you feel like absolutely everyone is more successful at life than you are. I had a moment of that this morning, atypically alone during coffee time because Ch is off at work. But then I looked at my own Instagram and was reminded of the lovely time we had last night, starting with this.

sunset from the hill Nov 3, 2016.JPG

We were just about to head out to the one of the closest brewpubs for some dinner and I happened to look out the window. Holy shit! Look at that! I ran upstairs so I could take a picture on the puddle-top flat roof, outside Ch’s bedroom.

We ate chicken wings and fries with tons of crap on them, like nachos, which was decadent but satisfying. Washed that down with a couple rounds of IPA. Came home, played with Henry upstairs. Got cozy. That’s not bad!

Step 1, Thought Control

I got to the 1st practice exercise in Initiation Into Hermetics.

I’ve already been meditating once daily for awhile, though it’d be more accurately described as “Thought Observation”. I decided to use my post meditation savasana as a five minute, experimental session.

I think what I’ll do instead, because I don’t have a teacher or a group and may as well make this fully my own, is devote the 5-10 minutes in the morning to dream recall. The book doesn’t give any indication for how long you should practice step 1 before moving on either, other than saying you should’ve “mastered” it. There’s some high expectations!

And I’ll add the 18min sit in the evenings, and than make a few notes from what I remember. I wasn’t going to add anything new until my servitor is born, but hey, the more the merrier.

And now I need to run through the ritual practice!



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