Glute centric #tabata & #reps plus quick #yoga session

Stuck to my planned workout, but I’ve gotta say my recovery is SO MUCH BETTER when I alternate Julia workouts with yoga focused routines. I get in there and address all my personal glitches when I do my yoga, in ways that don’t shred my joints. Tomorrow I’ll do a 20 or 24min HIIT and my favorite ashtanga mini routine of late.

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Fast and Furious Legs by Christine Comeau

  • 1:19 total. I had extra breaks though, several of them waiting for the wifi to catch up. But I did all but one set with the video. Found myself able to keep up today! (I only wear an 8lb vest tho but that’s enough for me though I could damn sure use some heavier weights.) I had to pause a couple times during last set of burpees though cause I hadn’t previewed those.

Video warm-up

Cardio tabata pair 20:10 8x 4 mins just vest
1. Tornados switch lunges: switch curtsy lunge
2. 3 switch lunge, 3 stationary hops

Strength (50:10 x3) 9 min
1. Right curtsy lunge 30
2. Left cursty lunge
3. Alternating Bulgarian +deadlift + push up 30

Lunge Burnout (x 2) this set w/ list – 6min & then back to video
10 left lunge 30 lunging forward
40 pulses
10 right lunge 30
40 pulses

Cardio tabata pair  20:10 8x 4 min (26:10)
1. Quadzilla squat jumps: 4 wide high knees, 4 rotating squats
3. Broad Jump & pick up weight, two bunny hops back 35 I don’t have 2 heavy enough weights to put at both ends of my mat, and the move w/out the weights is usually good cardio for me. Need 1 20lb, 2 25lbs and 2 12lbs, lol. Not yet!!!

Strength (50:50:50:30 x3) 9 min
1. Goblet Sumo squats 30
2. Standard squats 30
3. Squat front raise twist twist 10 Thought I could do 15 here. Noooo! LOL. Still wearing vest tho, even if my stinky 8-pounder is still challenging enough for me.

Squat Burnout (40:00)
10 narrow squat 30
40 narrow squat pulses no weight
10 standard squats 30
40 standard squat pulses
10 sumo squats 30
40 sumo squat pulses

Cardio tabata pair 20:10 8x 4 min (46m)
1. in/out squat jack + 2 switch lunges
2. Bench squat jump Touch bum to bench, come forward & jump up.

Booty Strength (50:50:50:30 x 3) 9 min
1. Deadlift 40
2. Bulgarian RL 30
3. Bulgarian LL 30

Booty Burnout: 1:00:56
weighted hip thrust circuit Wish I had 50/60lbs in plates for this!
20 reps
10 reps 30 sec hold 3x
10 reps 10 sec hold 3x
40 reps

Rep based full body burnout
1. 5 Burpee push-up + 2 squat jumps
2. 4 SL Burpee pushup+ two glute kick overs
3. 3 Burpee tricep push up + two switch lunges
4. 2 Burpee diamond push-up + diamond jump
5. 1 Burpee pike push up + quadzilla


  • About 13min

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