75min #plyo #strength #pyramid, 22min #yoga

Well I had an awesome workout today anyway, so there’s something positive. I felt strong. I worked hard though! I wore my vest all thru the plyo & the reps.

Earlier I put some water on the little baby sketch I did yesterday at Cathedral Park & added one more layer. Thought it was a good play execrise and got outside. First I walked Sir Henry, who got me away from the news on my laptop via harassing for play, and then I got the leash extensions to secure him close by while drew a little bit. I decided to draw the near horizontal tree in the backyard Henry sometimes gets on. (We put him on there more often than he takes the initiative, but whatever.) I’ll post that on my Design of the Day blog later.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Plyo, Strength, and Pyramid Workout

warmup 30:30 jumping jacks, down dog cobra, toe touches, squat to butt up

PLYO HIIT 30:10 2x (12 minutes)
1. Squat jump for height
2. Star Burpees w jack push-up
3. Straddle box jumps hands stay on bench
4. Plyo pushup + box slam reach forward & smack bench with alt arms
5. Double chair butt kicker over box Like mat jumps but w/ hands on bench
6. Roll back jump for height
7. Rocket lunges SL, staying on floor, lunge back & then come forward, hopping & lifting knee
8. Sumo squat to wide knee tuck
9. 2 switch lunges to squat

Total Body Strength (switching to list)
Giant sets 3x 10 reps each move.
Time = 46min
With 8lb vest, except for chin-ups & pull-ups.

Set 1:
1. squats 40 Tapping butt down to bench.
2. chest press, on bench 40
3. chin-ups
Forgot to put vest back on for 3rd round, moves 1 and 2. I don’t wear for pull-ups or chin-ups cause I still need a (not too thick) band to do reps, so I’d do them bodyweight before adding a handicap.

SET 2:
1. rev lunges 10/leg 35
2. burpee deadlift 40
3. dips crab toe touches 5 & 5

SET 3:
1. step down curtsy 10/leg 30 round 1, then dropping to 20 (+ vest)
2. pull-ups
3. lat pull over 20

Body weight HIIT PYRAMID (47:10) back with video, no vest
40:10, 30:10, 20:10
1. Breakdance push-ups This was hard for me to get & first round I found it annoying, but decided to stick with it as “play” and then enjoyed myself.
2. Mtn climber reaches reaching opp arm forward
3. Tricep push-up 4 groiners
4. Roll back burpee pike jump
5. Fast feet (10) double butt kicker (4)


  • About 22min

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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