30min #HIIT & 60min #ashtanga #yoga

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(10/50) with jumprope for a 30min set

  1. Superman Lifts Trying to keep feet pretty close together
  2. Dive Bombers
  3. Scissor Leg Lifts V-ups to alt, straight scissor legs
  4. Side to Side Squat 30lbs Feet wide, weights on shoulders. Bend & shift over alt heel.
  5. Squat Jumps
  6. Superman Heel Taps Arms bent, hands at ears. Lift chest & left legs & SQUEEZE heels together.
  7. Dips
  8. Reverse Curls, 3lbs bet feet Heel Tap Abs
  9. Rotating Side Plank Leg Lifts
  10. Pulsating Lunge Hops 3 pulses per side
  11. Swimmers
  12. Walking Push-ups
  13. Temple Tap Abs
  14. Alt Pistol Squat Chair Pose with Heel Lift
  15. Heel Click Surfers with half burpee


Did less wall-backed handstanding in the opening, dropping the five in suyra a. It occurred to me that I haven’t gotten less sloppy & should do ticks in the middle of the room more often  instead. Today I did one. Also had been intending to throw in Eka Pada Sirsa between the post back bending Pachimo & finishing so I tucked one one Yoganidra in at the end and it was tiiiiiiiiiggggght. It’s frustrated me in the past that it seems like LBH should feel good right after Karna Pidasana but it doesn’t! For me anyway.

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C, D, second to Laghu Vajra, Kapo B
  • Rack A, B – 10/60
  • Urdhva D to stand, drop backs, 1 Tick
  • Finishing to Uttana Padasana, 1 very tight Yoganidra, Savasan

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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