60min #HIIT & #reps and 30min #yoga

Killed myself a little today! And I almost decided to take a rest day but then I’d posted on stupid FB that I was going to work out like a mofo so that is what I did. I’m feeling anxious today, though more about my personal prospects than the national. It was a nervy, distracted sit this morning, and now look I’ve missed the daylight hours for getting out of the house, which in my case if I’m solo means walking around in the yard, 99% of the time. It’s a good yard anyway.

Perhaps I’ll find some way to get ahead in the disaster that is the USA? Who knows.


Strength Builder and Calorie Burner

Warm up 30:30, Towel reaches, Curtsy Lunge and twist, Jog in place arm circles, Leg circle to lunge back and knee pull, Walk out back bow, Swimmer arms

50:10 2x, 13” elv (I only have 1, non adjustable elevation)
1. Curtsy lunges up and over (switch legs second round) 15
2. Fast feet up and over
3. Straddle box jump burpee
4. In and out abs 3lbs bet feet
5. Bulgarian to SL pushup switches 30

50:10 13” elv
1. Decline burpees
2. Chair lunges 20
3. Lateral box jump to ½ pistol
4. Rocket lunges (switch legs second round) no weight
5. Decline tricep pushup + 3 knee tucks + glute raise Could just barely keep going the entire interval, both rounds

50:10 2x (No bosu) Took off vest for this set.
1. Slider mtn climbers
2. Repeater knees on block (provided a little bit of balance work anyway)
3. 360 toe taps
4. alt OH curtsy lunges with pushup between 10lb dumbbells
5. pistol burpee (SL pushup, pick up and pistol up and down)

All of the above with video.

From list, this section

  • 1x 2x I made an executive “fuck that” decision at the idea of two rounds of this! That’d just take me waaaay too long, lol. I’m still really slow on reps but I’d rather 1) go as heavy as I’ve got the strength & equipment for and 2) focus on form over time.
  • No vest
  • Time = 17min

20 Swings 35
18 step ups, each leg 20
16 staggered pushup tuck over using yoga block for hand elevation
14 chin-ups vertical pull throughs + plank hop 180 Don’t have a heavy enough weight for pull-throughs!
12 dips crab toe touches 6/6 hands on bench
10 pull-ups burpee rev grip rows
8 rotating deadlift and tuck jump over 30
6 clean and press 40
4 burpee clean and presses 40

50:10 2x (1:01)
1. chest press leg raise 40
2. pushup switch arm knee tap Didn’t like this move & changed it to mat jumps for 2nd round
3. bicurl front press 30
4. high kettlebell swings 20
5. burpee flys 20

No Equip Pyramid burnout
10 burpee triangle plank hop + hitch kick
9 3 bicycle abs + 3 SL lifts
8 quadzilla squat jumps
7 roll back burpee star jumps
6 lunge back touchdown kicks per leg
5 dive bombers
4 broad jumps bunny hop back
3 doubled up tricep burpees
2 explosive pushup back extensions
1 crow pose – count to 20

Time 1:26


About 30min – made sure to get some LBH in there!


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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