Abandoned #HIIT to easy #yoga is better than nothing #mini #workout

I knew I should’ve focused on the yoga! My mindbody could use a little break from the particular HIIT fixation & the unbending of yoga. What I was supposed to do would’ve probably been about an hour workout and then I was going to stretch. Instead I quit before half way through. Am I feeling this? I asked myself. When I think about it, I can’t even remember ever quitting an HIIT in the middle before. And the only time I ever walked out of a spin class, way back in the old, old days of working out at Crunch, it was to take a different class because the sub sucked. Juliet talked me into that; I’d have stayed and just dealt with the boredom, but she convinced me to take a boxing class and then complained I was hitting her too hard, lol. (She was holding a set of smelly boxing pads.)

My output today was sort of on the level of brisk walk but I do have to admit I feel both calmed and energized and not “taxed”. That’s ok once in awhile too, especially during The Darkness.

I think I need to do more writing my own HIITs for a few days, keeping the between 24 / 30min max, and focusing more on the yoga. Melissa’s are good for adapting as yoga warmups. Also some of the old BodyRock sets.




Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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