#interval #pyramid, #tabata & a tiny bit of #yoga

OK I didn’t stick to plan with a yoga based workout. Didn’t get my heart rate up consistently with this one which is unusual for a Julia routine. I think I don’t have heavy enough weights, but holding the two 10s as often as I do hurt both of my hands today. Am I hitting a plateau or is my Polar breaking or both? I mean was I seriously only in fat burning mode for all but 18 minutes?


Functional Full Body Workout by Kristin R

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Broad Jump to Box Jump + Bunny Hops back
Spiderman Pushup up to Alt Superman
Front Raise to OH Squat 20
Pendulum Lunges + Rows (alt wide and narrow rows with fwd and rev lunge) 30
Pike to Shalabhasana Ball Pass to Roll to Extend

Tabata 20:10 x 8
Deadlift to High Pulls 30
Floor Press to Bridge (Close Grip Press and Bridge are simultaneous) 30 8 sets in a row made my hands really hurt!

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
SA (Hand or Forearm) Plank + SA Row 20
Reverse curls 5lbs bet feet Deadbug

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Chest Press + Froggy Legs in and out 40 Hurt both hands holding the two 10s
Bunny Hops Fwd + 2 Heel Taps + Hop Back (tap inner heels with hands – opp hand/foot, hop back)
Kickouts (From plank, kick bottom leg out) x2 + Crab Turn (kickouts x 2, crab turn x1 , kickouts)
Sumo Lateral Shuffle to Surrender (stay low in sumo, shuffle over to end of mat, surrender) 20
Tricep Dips(Hands on Weights) + Alt SA Hammer Curl 20

Tabata 20:10 x8 for each move
Bent Over Wide Rows + Bicep Curl (Palms out) 30
Sumo Squats 40

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
SL Tricep Pushups (Switch legs w each pu)
Alt Pistols Heels propped, no vest for this one.

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Front Sumo Squat to Arnold Press (hold weights at shoulders, palms facing you, press) 30
Bodyweight Alt Deep Fwd Lunge + Pick weights up & put back down 30
Chest Fly + Alt Star Legs to Sit up (Fly arms out, star legs out, simultaneous movements. Next do sit up with fly, alternate btw stars and sit ups) 20
Stiff Leg Deadlift to Hammer Curl & Shoulder Press Upright Row 30
Plank forearm crawl Fwd and back

Tabata 20:10 x 8 for each move
Discuss (switch arms halfway through, so after 4 rounds)
SA Clean & Press 20 I alternated all the way thru this one bc I’d done extra presses the set before & also left arm is a bit weaker w/ the 20lbs

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
Squats & back lunge L, R 40
Wide Pushups



About 15min. More tomorrow! My body is obviously rebelling

Author: Boodiba

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6 thoughts on “#interval #pyramid, #tabata & a tiny bit of #yoga”

  1. I broke absolutely no sweat during this workout, so it might be not you or the Polar or something, but simply the “nature” of that workout 🙂


    1. Ah! Thanks for that. I am always significantly slower than Julia in certain moves, and I don’t have access to heavier weights, so I thought maybe I was totally slacking.


      1. Don´t worry 🙂 I am always faster than her and I often have to do another workout to feel that I really worked out 🙂 Simply some workouts are hardcore and some may be only long, but not exactly intense enough. It depends on the choice of moves, the “flow” of the workout, etc. Also I am sure you can always get an awesome workout, even with lighter weights. As long as you move, everything is ok 🙂


  2. Lol, thanks :)) Definitely the best compliment for me 🙂 Based on what I have read so far here on your blog, there´s a beast inside you as well, you are a real fighter, I see it!

    Liked by 1 person

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