An email from mommy dearest #nastygram #emotionalabuse

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Quoted in entirety. I think I will need to cut all contact with this woman. 

Back story to follow.

On Nov 17, 2016, at 12:19 PM, Betty Maddocks 

I have to get your easel back from the UPS Store ~ found 2 people who want it. Talked with Steve Beales, the headmaster at Alvirne, I guess you call him the principle, he said you were in his class, his wife is Regina Beals and he wants it. And now UPS also wants it. BUT like I said before you should have removed everything you owned from here when you left home ~ I should have demanded it or charged you storage. It has made a lot of work for me and it isn’t my job to do so & to be honest it pisses me off. I do not have a whole of patience any more especially when it is not my responsibility. Hey, I’ll bet you could get a job in the art department at Alvirne. I will have to call Steve back later.
Linda, I also think you must be going through menopause perhaps. I never ever had a hard time with it. And I have always wondered if you were bi-polar and/or manic/depressive. I always thought this (you have all the symptoms) ~ you were always demanding and high maintenance. It isn’t such a big deal because there are meds for it. I really do think you could use some professional help. You were a very demanding kid/high maintenance.

So anyway maybe hope at the end of the tunnel. But I should have demanded you take everything you own out of this house when you left home. You were a tough kid to raise. I would not do the same thing today. You would have to pay your own college. It makes people very weak to constantly be given free “everything”. And practically every time I went to visit you in NYC you were very abusive ~ you wanted me to walk with you to your gym and then pointed diagnonally and said “find your own way home”. I called your father & he said “get to the train and come home now and never ever go there again”. “But I have her house key”. You were always SO VERY MEAN.

Anyway I do love you but absolutely no more give-aways. There are always jobs. If you were telling me the truth about how badly you behaved at your last NYC job I would have fired you on the spot and had guards remove you. If you don’t change your attitude you’ll never find work. I really think you need meds and an attitude adjustment. It’s up to you. I love you. There is hope ~ you need to apologize to those young girls at the last job when they fired you. Mom


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