#HIIT #Tabata and easy #yoga

I’ve been subscribed to HIIT like a Girl for awhile but had never tried one of the workouts, then today I clicked on one by accident. My biceps hurt from yesterday, particularly the right, as in I didn’t want to hoist my cup of coffee first thing in the morning! She’s only using 10lbs here though so I thought I’d follow suit. Tomorrow’s gonna either be a rest day or a yoga focus day.


Full Body Tabata + HIIT

2x Part One
10lb weights & 8lb vest

  1. Back Lunge Kick Up/Back Lunge Plyo Jump R
  2. Back Lunge Kick Up/Back Lunge Plyo Jump L
  3. Row, kick-back, spider push-up 10s
  4. Narrow Halo Squats
  5. Elevator Jumping Jacks I just did 4 low & 4 high
  6. Narrow/Medium/Wide Squat Jump Kicks
  7. Broad Jump 180 Triceps Burpees
  8. Curtsy Curls R
  9. Curtsy Curls L

1x Part Two (Tabata) 4min
Jump rope High Knees (no vest)

2x Part Three (with vest – except for the 2 rounds of tricep / superwoman push-ups)

  1. Around the World Squats with Shoulder Press
  2. Plie Row/Jump Squat (Forgot to do second set; its after drainbows)
  3. Drainbow R 20 This killed me bc of the arm soreness from yesterday. 2nd time thru I changed the arm move to hammer curls, which with only 10lbs per arm was ok.
  4. Drainbow L
  5. Eight Mountain Climbers/Four Pushups
  6. One Jump Forward/Four Squat Walks Back
  7. Triceps Superwoman Pushups
  8. Squat Walk/Jump Squats
  9. Back Lunge/Shoulder Raise


About 25min

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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