Today’s workout #HIIT #Tabata #AMRAP #yoga


Warmup: (5:20) (10/30×5 jump rope with 2min slow surya As) I love doing my own warmup & cool down.

Set 1: Do Each set HIIT at 60/30:20 1x (Each set is 9min so about 30min this part)

1. Squat & press 40 / Frogger
2. Elv commando (plank walk) and knee tucks / decline burpees
3. Lat step up leg lift RL 30 / lateral box jumps RL
4. Lateral step up LL /lat box jumps LL
5. Knees in press up 20, C-sit. Single weight @ sternum. Press up & knee tuck; down & legs go out / cannonball burpees Just do burpee tuck jump next time

Set 2:
1. SA row RL 20 in lunge / squat slams 20
2. SA row LL  / squat slams 
3.  Pike push-ups / matt jumps
4. Front load side steps curtsy each side 30 Stay low / Lateral jump to star jumps
5. Dips w alt leg lifts / Russian kicks

Set 3:
1. RL curtsy lunges 35 / skaters for height
2. LL curtsy lunges 35 / skaters for distance
3. Leg lift chest press 40 / wide V-leg crunch pulses Hurt my right hand holding the two 10s at once again. Maybe I will get myself a replacement 20 for Xmas.
4. Clean and press 40 / burpee hop over weight
5. Sumo squat+ deadlift 35 /sumo hops

Tabata pairs: 20:10 8x
Time = 28min

1. Slider mtn climbers and shoulder taps tapping opp shoulder from knee-in
2. Bicycle abs Can keep legs straight to make it harder (vest off this move)
10 box jumps switch lunges Box & hop down & switch lunge ea side

1 Slider around the world legs
2 Ab leg circles (vest off this move) Kept legs together & straight. A little too easy. Ankle weights next time?
10 box jump star jumps

1. Slider pike
2. V ups (2 straight & 2 to 1-side for obliques w 3/lbs bet feet)
10 box jump pike jump

1. Slider plank jack push-ups
2. Tuck abs (No vest this move) Spreading legs on the out & down part
10 box jump plank jacks Jump back to plank and jack the legs out & back in. Was wondering why this set of box jumps seemed easier & then realized I’d forgotten to put vest back on 🙂

Burnout: 5 min AMRAP
Score: 2 full rounds, 15 swings & 10 D lunges

15 swings 35
10 dragon lunges 1=1 Alt deadlift lunges, swinging weight down & around the outside of the front leg
5 pull-ups / 5 chin-ups

(Total time 1:14)


About 25min

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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