#HIIT #ashtanga & intervals #yoga

I can tell I’ve gotten stronger, upping my vest from 6lbs to 8 and wearing it more often with some of the upper body work. Push-ups are so EASY without it! Today was sort of a 75% effort, vest free workout and it was really nice. Finally focused on the yoga because I really needed it.


Bender HIIT

  • I increased the time of the intervals by 10sec ea, (40/60) with jump rope for a 26:50min set
  1. Temple Tap Abs
  2. Superman & Push-up
  3. Reverse Plank Leg Lifts Alternating Supine Bridge Knee Flexions
  4. X-Jumps
  5. Hip Drop, Leg Lift & Toe Touch (5lb to foot) Side V-Up (R)
  6. Other side
  7. Tricep Dip & Reverse Plank
  8. Pistol Side Lunge Squat & Leg Lift (LL)
  9. Other side
  10. Lunge Jumps
  11. Spiderman Push-up
  12. Jump Squats Touching bum to bench
  13. Straight Abs, squeezing in @ the top Full Circles
  14. Rotating L-Sits/Tables, lifting 1 leg @ a time
  15. Goddess Pose Lifts, 30lbs staying low & pulsing as u lift alt heels
  16. Decline Burpees (Cause the push-ups were so easy.)


  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Back bending intervals (15/30) 18min 5 of them are rest intervals & it’s really nice!
  1. Shalabhasana A
  2. Shalabhasana B
  3. 1/2 Bheka
  4. Other side
  5. Standing arch A
  6. Forward bend
  7. Stanging arch B
  8. Forward bend
  9. Standing arch C
  10. Uttana
  11. Standing arch C
  12. Seated moving twist
  13. Standing arch D
  14. Uttana
  15. Standing arch D
  16. Seated moving twist
  17. Kapo hang 1
  18. Rest
  19. Kapo hang 2
  20. Rest
  21. Kapo B
  22. Rest
  23. Urdhva D 1
  24. Rest
  25. Urdhva D2
  26. rest
  27. Urdhva D3 to stand
  • 3 drop backs & 1 tick
  • Finishing to Sirsasana A-D, lying twist, 1min savasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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