53min Booty-centric #HIIT and 50min #ashtanga #yoga

A witch has gotta keep her force field up

Got ‘er done early today, thank f-ing gods. I can take a rest day tomorrow if I like, or I can do a very short HIIT and more yoga. Urdhva D and drop backs would be nice. I’d like to repeat this routine, minus the abs maybe because the heart rate drops too much before you get to the stretching.


warm-up: jump rope intervals (10/30×5=3:20)

BodyRock – Leg & Thigh Workout & Ab Bonus

  • (15/50) 34:40min, wearing vest
    with list
  1. Squat jacks, touching floor w/ fingertips
  2. Squat w/ alt curtsy, 40
  3. Jump squat, turn to the side & do lunge hop, alt
  4. Deep sumo squat, 30
  5. Squat & diamond jump (clicking heels together)
  6. RL lunge back & kick out to the side, 35lb kettle bell in left hand
  7. Other side
  8. Jump squat & back lunge, alt legs
  9. Goblet squat & press up, 30
  10. Jump squat & lunge back RL
  11. On bench, lunge back & then lift knee RL, 20
  12. Jump squat & lunge back LL
  13. On bench, lunge back & then lift knee LL, 20
  14. High knees
  15. Side lunge & then lift knee, 30
  16. Other side

  17. Low jacks
  18. Jump squat & opp knee lift, twisting elbow to knee
  19. Deep plie squat, rotating knees in & back out 30
  20. Deep plie squat, shifting weight in steady line over 1 foot then the other 20
  21. Low lunge, picking up front foot in a hop, touching hands underneath
  22. Other side
  23. Low, narrow squat. Staying low, step out to one side & bring other foot in. 20
  24. SL half squat, lifting other leg out to the side & squeezing
  25. Other side
  26. Narrow squat & squeeze up, 40
  27. Plie squat pulse, 30
  28. Deadlift, 40
  29. Squat with SA press up & turn (almost woodchop) 20
  30. Other side
  31. Plie pulse, lifting alt heels & then both
  32. Wide leg deadlift, 40


  • 10/50=10min, no vest
  1. Hold 1 weight, come up from the floor & lift opp leg, 5
  2. Other side
  3. Up & over abs, 10lbs. Feet off floor. Come up to C-sit & extend arms up & back, lifting legs.
  4. Sitting on heels woodchopper, 10
  5. Other side
  6. C-sit, feet off floor, knees bent, SA press up & across over opp shoulder (other fingertips on floor for balance, 10
  7. Other side
  8. Pendulum, 5
  9. Hands under bum. Pull knees in & extend legs out, shoulders off floor, 5lbs bet feet
  10. Straight abs




  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Rack 1min
  • Finishing to Sirsasanas (my 4-part style)
  • Savasana 1min

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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