Therapeutic, Sunday #ashtanga #yoga

I’ve been taking Sundays off normally, but in light of how hard I kicked my own ass yesterday, and the ongoing maintenance necessary to eradicate the neck tweak situation*, I decided to practice yoga & to just let it be what it is, which is not necessarily exercise. The means I didn’t do any cardio before at all.

I could do all my chakorasanas today! Very carefully but this is good. I still hadda put my hands on the floor for setu bandhasana but that’s fine.

*There’s a slight situation in the left glute too, and that’s been tighter on the outside for a little while.



  • My Suryas & fundamentals arrangement
  • Primary + some LBH
  • 2nd to LV, then Kapo B
  • Back bending (1 tick)
  • Finishing & even a more than cursory savasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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