Today’s workout: #HIIT #Tabata #AMRAP & #yoga

Five days in a row!



Warm-Up: Jump rope 10/30×5=3:20

Rise and Slide by Kristin

Since this was all time based I did it along w/ the video, after my own warm-up.

HIIT 50:10 x 2 10 mins
1. In and Out Slider Pushup (Slide hands out, pushup, Slide in pushup)
2. Hamstring Slider Curls
3. Pike Abs Love this move. I’ve been doing them regularly in the past year – have called them “Sliders” before more slider moves began creeping in,
4. Rev Plank jack to L-Sit
5. 2 Point Lunges (curtsy to side lunge)

Tabata: 20:10 x 8 for each move 8 mins
1. Roll back Box Jumps
2. Squat jump to Squat drop weight, 30 Should’ve put vest on as 30lbs is the heaviest I can go in terms of matching dumbbells

HIIT 50:10 x 1, 5 mins
1. Plank Wiper OBLIQUES sliders
2. Mtn climbers 4 reg 4 wide 4 oblique
3. R slider Pendulum Lunges
4. Alt kickunder slide to Pushup to t stand toe touch
5. Staggered slider Tricep Pushup Switches (stagger hands, tri pu, switch hands) Really tough!!!

Tabata: 20:10 x 8 for each move 8 mins, with 8lb vest
1. Step Up Reverse Lunge (switch legs half way), 30
2. Weighted Chair Lunges, 10 KILLER!!!!!

HIIT 50:10 x 1 5 mins
1. L Pendulum Lunges
2. Pushup to slider mtn climbers
3. Twisting Bicycles with chop
4. Slider side to side Dynamic Sumo Squats
5. Plank row + Kickouts and two tucks

Tabata: 20:10 x 8 for each move 8 mins
1. Elevated Pushup Spin (Reg PU, Walk hands over, do Diamond Pu, walk back -Scott Herman Fitness)
2. Hip Thrusts, 30 I’m glad Julia said you’re supposed to keep feet flat for thrusts cause I’d thought it was weight in heels & toes lifted & I DID feel it more in my glutes rather than hammies after the adjustment.

8 slider tucks
8 box jumps
8 slider mtn climbers
8 high knee toe taps
8 slider plank jacks
8 decline pushup kick unders
4 slider curtsy lunges/leg
4 curtsy step downs/leg

Time = 1:14


About 15min

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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