#HIIT with chest & abs burnouts

I really like how Lisa is posting more focused (not to mention longer!) workouts lately. It’s nice to just hammer away at one body part. This set was lunge-alicious. I should probably do a yoga focused workout tomorrow, since I did just a cursory stretch at the end today. Feels like I’m about to get my period. I used to always have the worst practices the last few days before, when PMS-ing, not sleeping as well and feeling generally shittier in all mind & body aspects. All the poses & vinyasa would seem creakier and more painful. First day of my period everything would feel really good again.

I remember having the “practice on your period” discussion with three Parisians in Goa, two women and one man. He was against it, naturally. I told him he could talk to me about it when he started getting his period, in other words, Your opinion is entirely invalid. The ladies both laughed.


Warm-up: jumprope (10/30×6 – 4min)

BodyRock – Full Body Real Time HIIT Workout

  • 15/50, split into 2 sets. Wore my 8lb vest for both sets (not burnout)
  1. Two lateral low jump squats to one side & then return
  2. Lunge back with knee up & SA press up, 20
  3. Other side
  4. Jump lunge  back & press up, one side, 20 Hopping both directions
  5. Other side
  6. SL rocket lunge Step to back lunge & then hop up with a knee lift
  7. Other side
  8. Stationary lunge hops, hands up in the air
  9. Other side
  10. Stationary lunge, holding 8lb weight same side, touch the floor & then reach over other shoulder in stretch Could easily use 10lbs
  11. Other side
  12. Broad jump, half burpee, butt kick, jump 180 turn
  13. Squat & alt leg lift to the side, 30
  14. Side lunge to knee lift & press up, 30
  15. Other side
  16. Forward lunge, then raise front foot to tap it quickly with opp hand
  17. Other side
  18. SL come forward to pike tricep push, come back & do back lunge with the raised leg
  19. Other side
  20. Dive forward tricep (both arms), tuck jump

Break: 1.5min

  1. Tricep push-up to back crouch (bent knees & arms forward)
  2. Rotate abs, 20 Standing upright with arms bent rotate to either side
  3. Slider push-ups, wide, moving only 1 arm out & back in @ the top
  4. Other side
  5. Standing flies, 5lb ea hand, arms shoulder level, reaching out to the front & pulling back
  6. Plank jack, 3pt abs (jump side, center, side, center, back out)
  7. Roll back (to halasana) & tuck jump
  8. Switch Lunge
  9. Squat, lie down, squat & switch lunge
  10. L-shape arms, forward reach, down, 5 or 8lb ea hand
  11. Alt lunge back w/  bicep curl, 30
  12. Deep squat (touching weights to floor) with bicep curl, 30
  13. Walk the plank or high plank to forearm, moving both arms
  14. Alt side plank, with top knee in
  15. Same thing with bottom knee coming in
  16. Around the world, 20
  17. Side plank hip dip, then leg lift
  18. Other side
  19. Center chops, Swing weight down into center & the up & over-ish alt shoulders, 15
  20. Slider pike abs

Chest bonus (15/50=5:15)

  1. Alt Flies, on bench, 30
  2. Both arms fly, 30
  3. Chest press, rotating arms at top so that backs of hands face each other, 40
  4. Weights @ center of chest, press up, 30
  5. Wide push-ups, counting down to 4 to lower & holding for 4 at the bottom
  6. Same thing, but walking alt arms out to the side
  7. Overhead pulls, 30

BodyRock – Ab Bonus

12min – did along with video

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

6 thoughts on “#HIIT with chest & abs burnouts”

  1. I love that Lisa and Sean are doing thoe live workouts on FB everyday, I find their workouts work the best for me – i get the best calorie burn, the best feeling and as you said – it is great there are those body parts centered workouts or burnouts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup! Because that way, if you worked one body part hard the previous day and are looking for something to complement that, it’s much easier. (I don’t like Sean’s workouts as much for some reason. Maybe it’s because I was first introduced to them in the Fat Burn Challenge, which was my least fave set, and for his 12min sets he’d often repeat 4 moves 3x, and if the sets were so short & I was planning to do them 2x thru before yoga I didn’t want that much repetition.)

      I just love the flow of the routines Lisa writes, and I can do them feeling energized. I love Fit Body by Julia too, but they are not routines I can do every day for sure. And they are SO long (which is awesome) that I tend to not yoga enough or at all after (not so awesome, if I wanna stay gimp free).

      Anyway I feel lucky to have all these options available, especially as I am now too poor (starving artist) to pay gym memberships anywhere.


  2. Lol, it is funny you said that about Sean – because I used to totally dislike his workouts because of the very same thing (repetitive moves, 12 mins and that´s it…). When they started with their live workouts, I followed only Lisa and ignored Sean, but then I tried one of his workouts and I was sold 🙂 His workouts are now longer than 30 mins and not repetitive at all and he uses a lot of moves I have never seen before (and I have been working out for more than 10 years on a daily basis 🙂 So then I went back to his previous live workouts and did all of them and now I often look forward to his workouts more than to Lisa´s … but I love both of them 🙂
    About Julia, for me her workouts are not that long, I rarely spend more than 50 minutes with them, because she is sooo slow! There are extra long breaks which I always skip, otherwise I stand there and feel like yelling at her “come on, move that butt already!!!” 🙂 I know, I am bad 🙂 I liked her more before…now her workouts are kind of overcomplicated – I love that flow of Lisa´s workouts, somehow they make more “sense” to me 🙂 I like Melissa Ioja, Evin Himminghoefer, Michele Lumadue…well, there are probably at least 60 channels that I love :))
    I admire how consistent you are with your yoga and mediation practice, I wish I went back to doing yoga again, but I just always end up doing HIIT or strength :))
    Lol, I feel your pain, I am a starving teacher 🙂 So I know what you mean, I also love having all those options available!
    (sorry for looong comment, I am ill and spent the whole day at home alone, so I needed to “talk” to someone a bit 🙂

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    1. Don’t apologize for length of a comment! I live isolated stuck on top of a big hill in SW Portland, lol. I must be in the SLOW AS ABSOLUTE SHIT category because w/ rep moves I’m waaaaay slower than Julia. I do like to do a really full range of motion though, for example I like to touch the floor w/ my nose in push-ups.

      Of those names you listed I only know Melissa Ioja! I’ve looked at her channel but haven’t tried any workouts yet. I tend to pick just 1 or 2 and stick with it & I also do a lot of my own yoga.

      I spent about a decade totally obsessed with Ashtanga yoga. I quit working full time & gave up health insurance in order to accommodate it (the practice at it’s longest could take 2.25 hours & then there were the 2 month trips to India). My friends were yogis. I dated yogis etc. That was the only exercise I did until the intensity of the advanced series started shredding my joints. I think this is why I HAVE to practice a certain amount of yoga now. I got some increased mobility and things get all out of whack if I ignore it. But this I do entirely on my own. I learned enough that it’s highly personal.

      Sean is pretty cute anyway & seems like a genuinely nice guy. Maybe I’ll look at his live page some time!


  3. I think it is really important to go full range with the moves, that´s how you get the best of them – push ups with nose to floor are the only way to go 🙂 I love full range motion, what I truly hate is pulsing 🙂
    Check out also Melissa Ioja´s FB page – she posts live workouts there and not all of them are on youtube. She will also post a new workout every Thursday, starting next week.
    Wow, that is so amazing, your story abouut Ashtanga yoga and what you did to really get into it! I never met a man who did yoga, so if I wanted to date a yogi, I would be date-less til the end of my life …on the other side, I don´t date anyone now, so no difference for me :))
    Haha, yes, I am surprised how cute and totally normal Sean is. To be honest, when he started doing bodyrock workouts, I didn´t like him, because he seemed to be overconfident and somehow his personality didn´t intrigued me too much. But he is just a normal guy and he is pretty funny 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I think pulsing has its place. I don’t mind it so much in certain areas, like it’s the only way I can “feel” the effects of tricep kickbacks. But ya I think the yoga background has made me more inclined to go full range and not rush.

      I wouldn’t recommend yoga men! LOL. For some reason the women are all great but the men… Astanga is the most manly yoga because it’s so physical, so you get more straight dudes there than in any other type. But they are still outnumbered by women and so if they are at all attractive, you get Astanga Man Whore Syndrome. Also it takes so much time & is such an obsessive pursuit, that people either tend to be independently wealthy or totally broke. The only problem with the former is that it’s very often accompanied by a douchey entitlement. (The absolute WORST type is the former finance guy who’s got some money and then decides to be fake spiritual btw.)

      Don’t feel bad about taking a break from dating! I took 10 years off cause being in NYC at my age it was too depressing. Then I moved to Portland and met someone almost immediately. I think my head space needed a new location and a different type.

      I checked out one of Sean’s workouts for a bit yesterday! Though I ended up doing a Julia workout I’d already picked out. I might try one of Sean’s routines soon though. I’ll take a look at Melissa’s page too 🙂


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