Today’s workout – Sean

I could’ve taken a rest day and it was really difficult to motivate at all with no monitor. Let’s just hope the new battery does the trick for my Polar! If not I’ll buy another one. If there’s anything I need in life it’s endorphins, and that’s over weed and alcohol 🙂

I tried one of Sean’s workouts from Facebook. I’d prefer it with a breakdown and on YouTube. Previewing is easier there and I like to look and take notes before I do a routine because I don’t lose any time watching and waste time watching all the talkie parts. It was enjoyable though, about half what I’d do for a normal workout but as I have no scoring system at the moment… I put my ankle weights on for the 3rd, abs part and that made things extra challenging.

I suppose I could do another one but I think that given the motivation problem I’ll just say it’s enough I worked up a sweat today. Tomorrow I’ll practice astanga again probably, with a little jump rope before.

Did EPRK last yoga practice, for the first time in awhile, right after Laghu Vajrasana and before my Kapo B. It was really tight & “bad” by astanga standards but I didn’t get any of the “reaction”. I might try getting a hand on a heel sometime soon… It’d be work and I wouldn’t want to lower my elbows all the way to the floor if successful in the bind, not right away. We’ll see.

Hey this isn’t a too bad example and it’s even from last year!

7.14.15 EPRK.jpg



Author: Boodiba

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6 thoughts on “Today’s workout – Sean”

    1. Not so much I just practiced obsessively, lol. I used to joke that the surprising extent of my progress in the series was just an indication of my level of neurosis. #yogahumor


      1. It’s much easier to be saner (i.e. not seeking ego gratification & validation) about the yoga outside of the realm of The Cult, as I always called it. Everyone’s crazy square roots in the shalas.


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