Santa’s Special Treat Workout by Trish King

Got new batteries into my Polar monitor! Turns out the watch & the chest strap have separate batteries that really aren’t that easy to get out, but yay I got it done. And yes I was supposed to do yoga today but ended up working out late, starting 4pm. First I made some banana muffins from scratch and then C and I went cold weather gear & grocery shopping.
I’l be going cross country skiing for the first time ever at some point this winter. I took the bag & put it under the Christmas tree. (His will be a surprise but there’s a gift receipt in there just in case.)
  • With the video. This was a really low burner! At the end of it I was at 344 I think. The Booty set was really good though. It’d have been even better with skipping intervals. The whole routine took a long time to get my heart rate up & then didn’t keep it there, as you can see by the 110 average. I’m tempted to repeat the routine I was doing when the monitor shorted out… But right I keep saying I’m gonna yoga.

30:30 x2
1. Glute hyper extensions
2. SL Bridge L
3. SL bridge R
4. Squat hold

Core cardio: HIIT Pyramid: 50:10, 40:10, 30:10, & 20:10.
1. Burpee and 4 switch kicks
2. Decline spider push up burpee
3. Burpee, t stand , dip and leg lift
4. Decline tricep pushup + plank glute raises Tap floor out to the side & then do glute raise
5. Wall handstand, shoulder tap, squat jump It was much harder than I’d thought it’d be to take one hand off the floor in a wall handstand, but I’d done this before w/ Julia & it wasn’t so bad. I could really feel my shoulders from yesterday tho so maybe that’s why.

50:15 second body squats:10 sec rest. 2x each exercise before moving onto next 25 mins
With 8lb vest
1. Deadlift squat 40
2. Good mornings 40
3. Levitating lunge L
4. SL bridge L
5. Levitating lunge R
6. SL bridge R
7. Sumo squat 40
8. Squat and press 30
9. Butterfly glute bridge 30
10. Froggy push-up tuck jump No vest this one move

Wall work: Reps- do 20 reps of the first move and then move to second, do 20 reps, go back to the first move and do 6 reps, then move to the 3rd move and do 20 reps, go back to second move and do 6 reps, 4th move 20 reps etc
1. Hand stand shoulder taps
2. Wall squat leg lifts
3. Elevated feet plank spiders
4. Wall commandos
5. 90 degree wall handstand / (kept ankle weights on for the 6 reps)
6.Donkey kicks with ankle weights. Did 10 per leg at the end instead of 3, so I had two rounds of 10 each leg

Core 50:25 plank:10 1x (25 seconds of plank between each move)11:20 mins
1. Heavy weight side deadlift L 35lb kettlebell
2. Heavy weight side deadlift R
3. Crunches
4. Pike ab sliders
5. Tuck abs, 3lbs bet feet


About 25min

Author: Boodiba

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8 thoughts on “Santa’s Special Treat Workout by Trish King”

      1. I know, each body is different, each level of fitness is different.. I was actually disappointed with the 1st day – it was good, of course, but it took me like 40 minutes to finish, so I was like “wait! I really got out of bed because of THAT?!” :)) But of course, that´s nothing terrible, I “fixed” it with another workout 🙂 Not that 40 minutes is too short, but I have this mind set that I need to work out for an hour at least.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Me too. I actually feel like 60min is short and 90min is good, but I’ll add on my yoga to the end of something, and the yoga isn’t actually “working out” but is necessary to keep everything in line so I can continue to do so.

    I still can’t believe you can do the routines so quickly 🙂


    1. Well, to be honest, there are days when I think that 120 min is too short :)) If the work allows, I can work out for a long time, especially since there are so many workouts to do!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep. Back when I was an OCD ashtanga who practiced seriously 5x a week, my longest routine (advanced 3rd plus some 4th) ran about 2 hours 20min & happened 3x per week.


  2. It must have been hard to cut back on so much yoga and do less. I always wonder how some people can do only those 12 min workouts and be ok with that, my mind would explode…


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