DAY 2 : Format Chaos Christmas Tree by Christine Comeau

Did this along with the video. Intense! I wanna do all 12 days of this series but it won’t at all be consecutive, lol. I’m not up for one of these every day! I also got in a walk up to Council Crest Park with Charlie and Rocco today, though I was very slow. I got some snow boots but it’s like I don’t trust my own feet to stay under me. Coming back down the trail I insisted on putting on C’s cleat things and I still went at a snail’s pace. I didn’t grow up with parents who wanted to do anything more adventurous than trudge around suburban shopping malls, is my excuse.


Warmup: 5 reps each
Jumping jacks
Side lunge toe touches 1+1=1
Squat jumps
3 way lunge switch forward lunge, side & rev l & switch

Round 1: (12 reps/per leg) with 8lb vest 
1. Curtsy deadlifts 30 Leg stays in curtsy. Do 12 reps & then switch legs

Round 2: No rest tabata (20:10 x 4 each move pair) 4min
1. Squat + rear leg lifts 30 / lunge pulses 30 
2. Fwd lunges 30 /switch lunges

Round 3: (50:10) – 3 min
1. Booty: Fast feet in pike 5 + 2 pike glute hops (like 3/4s a handstand, alt lead leg)
2. Lunges: Iron quadzillas
3. Shoulder: inchworm hops + plank jack shoulder taps x4 at the bottom

Round 4: (EMOM)- heavy weights 4 min with vest, 30
1. Deadlift
2. Curtsy Lunge keeping deadlift bet sides
3. Bicep curl + arnold press
4. Deep squat

Round 5: (10 reps)
1. Sumo deadlift + hop 30
2. Back load fwd lunge 30 alt, 10 per leg
3. Clean and press 40
4. Squats: Bum touches bench 40
5. Bench: weighted step ups 2ten per leg & switch, leaving working leg on bench

Round 6: No rest tabata (20:10 x 4 each move pair) 6:20 min
1. Hydrant in bear crawl holds / lateral touchdowns (lateral hops touching floor on the low)
2. Scarecrow arms 20 Arms @ right angles, lift to shoulder height, goal post arms, squeeze elbows together in front, rotate hands back to level, lower arms / weighted squat jumps 20 Weights in hip creases
3. Decline burpee/ high knee toe taps

Round 7: (50:10)- heavy weights 7:35 min
1. Suitcase Deadlift + tuck jump 30
2. Curtsy Lunge + squat press
3. Clean and press + plank hop 30
4. Slider Pike abs twerknados
5. ninja jump Step up & kick back + box jump
6. BTricep push up +4 squat pulses
7. Bosu  Mountain climbers

Round 8: (AMRAP) –
3min: 2 SL deadlift to rainbows 30 +2 alt curtsy lunges to narrow press and front load squat
2min: Decline pushup to plank hop, broad jump, roll back, squat, broad jump back picking up 10lb weight instead of Bosu

Round 9: (30:10)- body weight
1. Bear crawl donkey kick pulse + kick up into headstand
2. Plyo curtsy lunges
3. Handstand, shoulder taps
4. Lat squat hops + squat hold and side toe taps
5. Plyo box: seated squat jumps
6. Spider push up x2 + frog jump
7. Straddle bench squat jumps
8. Dive bomber
9. Decline wide pushup + glute raise

Round 10 No Rest Tabata Pairs (20:10 x4): heavy, light weight 10 min
1. Runners lunge toe taps in/switch lunges
2. Arnold presses 30 /3 way squat jumps (ski, std, sumo)
3. Decline burpee/lateral box jumps
4. Decline on bosu diamond push ups/decline plank hops Took my vest off after the 1st round of the decline diamond push-ups. TOUGH!!
5. Narrow row 30 /dips

Round 11 (6 reps): heavy + medium weights
1. Deadlift 40
2. OH back lunges 20
3. Shoulder press 40
4. Narrow squats 40
5. Box jump
6. Standard burpees
7. C-sit on ball knees in + jump up and 2 tucks Wouldn’t do this move again. I’d do a roll back so I could get to my feet easily
8. Push-up: tricep push ups
9. Back: bent over rows 40
10. Tricep: tricep kickbacks 20
11. Bicep: curls 30

Round 12: (AMRAP)
3 min: Goblet squat to back lunge wood chopper (x2) + 5 overhead swings 20 Was a bit heavy for me by this point but didn’t drop down

2 mins: Squat and press to 30 box jump up and down to staggered pushup (one hand on weight)

2 mins: Slider Bosu mtn climbers (6) to 2 jack pushups to pike abs pick up bosu to 2 OH tricep extensions

(Time 1:35)

Ended with some stretching, not really “yoga”, but I’ll get some in again soon.


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