That might’ve been a tab bit excessive #pyramid #reps #tabata

Especially considering I’m sick. Hopefully I won’t feel worse after I’ve “come down”. This was a massive burn for one workout, especially considering my size. You burn a higher rate the higher body mass you have. I’ve tried a few YouTube HIIT routines that call themselves 1,000 calorie burns, and most of the time I end at 500 something.

I’m definitely doing something low key tomorrow, maybe half easy HIIT and half yoga



Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

DAY 4: 12 Days of Burning Muscles by Daniela

Part 1 Pyramid: The format is simple but pretty brutal because you do the same moves over and over again. You start with the first move for 1 rep. Then you do the second move for 2 reps and the first move for 1, then the third move for 3, the second for 2 and the first for 1 rep and so on up to move Nr. 12.

Julia’s Time =  4:55 to 47:35- like 43min. My time = 1hr, 43min lol. Oy. Killed me. No vest. I should count the # of push-ups in this pyramid. Boy was it a relief to finish.

1. manmaker 30
2. overhead surrenders 20
3. clean and press 40
4. decline burpee cross cross (punch) tuck jump
5. diamond pushups + plank frog hop
6. deadlift plank hop rev grip row 30 This move felt really awkward to me in the order it was written, but I previewed a couple days b4 doing this workout due to getting sick. Changed it to Row (palms facing legs)-Plank Hop-Deadlift Up on round 10
7. squat and press 40
8. step ups bi curls (4/leg) 30 / 20 Changed to alt legs the 2nd time through this move. Dropped to 20lbs for round 11, just because bicep curls hit a weak spot in my left arm & it complained today.
9. tricep pushup star jump burpee
10. traffic dir lunges (5/leg) 20 Front & lateral raise, front w/ the leg that’s going forward
11. box jump plank hop (half burpee)
12. switch foot mtn climbers to Arnold press 30 With 1 raised knee.

I was really fucking tempted to just skip this part!

Part 2: Tabata Pairs and Challenge moves
Pair 1:
1. Manmakers 30
2. OH surrenders 20
Challenge move: 15 clean and presses 30 I finally ordered a 2nd 20lb dumbbell, but I don’t have it yet & was tired of doubling up 10s in one hand for the day

Pair 2:
1. Decline burpee cross cross tuck jump
2. Diamond pushups and plank frog hop
Challenge move: 15 deadlift plank hops 30

Pair 3:
1. Squat and press 30
2. Step up bi curls 20
Challenge move: 15 tricep pushup star jump burpees

Pair 4:
1. Traffic dir lunges 20
2. Box jump plank hop
Challenge move: 15 switch foot mtn climbers Arnold presses 20

(Time about 1:53)


About 10min

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