Gets up & has coffee & breakfast. Gets back into bed.

We had a really nice Eve, in spite of the fact that I’m so sick

I’d been really hoping to “extra enjoy” this time of just Charlie and I in the house, but I’m too damned snotty. Oh well. We had a nice Christmas Eve dinner though. Roasted a chicken again. We’re getting better at it! I’d discovered that Whole Foods has a fresh herb blend just for poultry and it made an amazing rub (along with olive oil, kosher salt & pressed garlic). We also discovered that it’s ok to add red wine to the cooking too, not just white like I’d thought, and we have one of those fat separator things now. The only thing is I wish we’d bought one that definitely says “dish washer safe”, as Mr. Man is extra persnickety about putting any plastic in the dish washer, and that plastic is the type that you’ve gotta wash it four fucking times to get the grease off. Therefore it’s his job! lol.

I usually help with all the clean-up but he offered to finish up last night & I was very grateful. I’d really worn myself out with that worked & even had to sit down while de-stemming all the herbs.

I got Ch a quality hat from Made Here on 10th Ave. Also some bitters and a little recipe book, and a couple caramels. Business is SO tough in this town, I figured I’d support some local artisans… I’m happy to say the hat really suits, but I’d gotten a gift receipt just in case. He’d gotten my presents early, a bunch of cold / wet weather stuff for when we get around to trying cross country skiing, which isn’t going to happen this week. We went to Next Adventure. There’s leggings, rain pants, a thick sweater, a layering capable waterproof jacket, extra warm gloves and a knit hat with ear flaps.

My mom sent me a box too! I called yesterday but I have to do it again today, as I’d been saving the opening for post dinner which would be too late as she’s on the East Coast in New Hampshire. She likes the ritual of discussing all the contents. She got me pajamas, an eye mask, panties & slippers from Victoria Secret. (Rocco immediately stole the slippers out of the box & got dog drool all over them! Silly dog.) There was also chocolates, facial SPF, melatonin and (this is funny) a calendar of New England places. During the conversation she asked if I “have” email. I paused. She was on speakerphone & Charlie was sitting next to me, both of us sipping wine. I’d told her I was blocking her in one of my last email responses during the insanity of the easel drama. I was forced to admit it again. I blocked you. To my surprise she answered cheerfully, You’re not the only one. One of her childhood friends from Maine blocked her over her support for Donald Dump.

At one point she said that Hillary should step in and make artists perform at his pathetic inauguration. Oh ya it’s Hillary’s fault he’s a pariah! Oooooooohhhhhhhkaaaaaaaay. That makes perfect sense. Luckily we dropped all political talk quick.

I’m going to try to work out again today, as the rest of the time I’m basically lying down. It’s not like NYC where I’m up and about all the time. My Post horoscope today said I’d meet a good friend in my travels over the next few days and I’m like, I’m leaving the house? It won’t be a Julia routine though! If it wouldn’t take too long, I’d figure out just how many push-ups I did yesterday, an insane amount. I looked at Day 5 and it’s full of burpees again. Nope! BodyRock is way more low key. I’ll pick out one of those.

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