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I got a sickie workout in! No voice still but at least I’m feeling more human, even if I still have coughing fits so violent I feel like I’m going to barf on myself.

Did the whole thing along w/ the video because I didn’t feel like previewing. Also it was all time based, which was absolutely perfect for the “cause” of just getting a workout in and loosening up my sick-sore joints. It was just important to move my body because four straight days of just lying around and I had a really sore lower back. I cracked it in the mid left thoracic though during one of the breaks. It never used to crack there before “Miami 2012”, but such is life.

And wouldn’t you know it’s a night I could actually maybe leave the house, but it’s jam night, which is way too loud. For one thing.


Got a decent burn too. I really think this is about the level that my old 3rd series was, although I never started wearing a monitor until I was out of the studios and past the days of tick tocks and chakra bandhasana.

DAY 5: Holiday HIIT and Tinsel Town Tabata by Christine Comeau

1. Plank walk out pushup
2. Lunge and twist
3. Curtsy lunge round house
4. Curtsy lunge round house
5. Butt kickers
6. Jumping jacks

Christmas Tree HIIT 50:10 1x 5 min with vest
1. Christmas tree ornament saves (tricep fall to pushup+ plank hop and 180 jump)
2. Christmas tree plank jumps (triangle plank hops)
3. Christmas star reaches (weighted squat drop weights and squat jump)
4. Christmas tree carries- left (Single weight on shoulder walking lunges )
5. Christmas tree carries- right

Yule log tabata: 20:10 4x each move 6 min
1. Yule log chops (chops + switch lunges)
2. Yule log lifts (deadlifts)
3. Yule log rolls (roll backs + plyo push + 2 squat jumps)

Snow much fun HIIT 50:10 1x 5 min
1. Snow angels (alternating SL lateral leg lift + around the world arms)
2. Snowman jumps (low, medium, high squat jumps)
3. Snowflake burpees (jack push ups + 4 weighted jacks)
4. Snow sled (wall runner mtn climbers 4 + 2 shoulder taps)
5. Shoveling snow (alt squat slams)

Christmas treat Tabata: 20:10 4x per move 6 min
1. Candy cane squats (pistol squats) I don’t need to remove my vest for roll-back moves, but I take it off for pistols. But hey I don’t have to prop my heels anymore! As long as I do alt legs I’m good. Left leg is the weaker by a lot so alt legs is better-er for me.
2. Peppermint twists (Russian Twist)
3. Gingerbread runs (10 high knees + 2 star jumps)

Santa’s coming HIIT 50:10 1x 5 min
1. Christmas stocking burpee (pike jump at the top + pike push up)
2. Reindeer crawls + jump (4 bear crawls forward + bear crawl hop, 4 bear crawls back + hop)
3. Chimney climbers (standing mountain climbers 10 drop and pop)
4. Jump for Joy (broad jump + box jump +tuck jump, jump back)
5. Christmas mornings jump out of bed and cheer! Roll lateral + Explosive pushup+ star jump

Have yourself a Burpee little Christmas Tabata 20:10-8x per move 12 min
vest off here – this is 12min of burpees after all
1. Present burpees (box jump burpees)
2. Christmas star burpees ( jack push up + star jump)
3. MistleTOE burpee (SL push + SL hop on toes)

HIIT the presents 50:10 2x 10 min
1. Present presses (clean and press to hide presents on the top shelf)
2. Present switches (switch lunge + dumbbell pass)
3. Present shakes (goblet sumo squat and oblique twist+OH raise)
4. Present passes (bicep curl and press out)
5. Present pick-up and pass (variation of twerknado- broad jump with a dumbbell, set it down and 180 tuck jump, pick it up and broad jump back)

Naughty or nice burnout 4 min
1. 40 sec plank + oblique knees
2. 20 sec plank holds
3. 40 sec tricep push up burpees
4. 20 sec tricep hold
15 sec child pose
5. 40 sec commandos
6. 20 sec low plank holds
7. 40 sec std burpee
8. 20 sec hold halfway in push up position


About 23min. Managed to crack that spot again in karna pidasana. I feel much better and significantly less annoyed.

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