Day 6, Day 3 of no voice

And I’ve gotta say MY BACK IS FUCKING KILLING ME from four consecutive days of lying around. I’ve gotta lie on the dinosaur today at least. I dunno… maybe I should work out but the thing Christmas Eve, while impressive, sort of drained me. This cold is so bad that I don’t believe it severely influenced things, but… the other thing is that there is no “public me” to keep up with anymore. I’m so sequestered I sometimes wonder if I’m developing the beginning seeds of agoraphobia. I mean, it feels slightly like sneaking out of the house in high school, when I occasionally take the bus downtown on Wednesdays to clean my friend’s workshop. I’m out of the house by myself! 

I shit you not. It’s like that. And this cold has cost me that session for this week. Ain’t no way I’m willfully sharing what I’ve got going on at present. Speaking of that I smashed the reversal spell mirror last night. Candle finally burned down. Got another candle waiting in the wings… Smash, smash, smash.

Fuck it maybe I’ll do a Julia later. My energy is slightly better, so I’m finally on the fucking upswing. It’s jam night at a friend of Ch’s. I never go, because in Portland I can’t leave when I want. Maybe I’ll go one of these weeks for novelty, but certainly not when I can’t talk.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

One thought on “Day 6, Day 3 of no voice”

  1. Christ! Once I got up & started hobbling around I realized I’ve GOT to exercise today. My back is so stiff and painful… Any old NYC friends looking at me today would think Portland had aged me 20 years in two. There’s the gray hair and then there’s the old lady posture, hunched and stiff.

    That said I’m back on the bed for now.


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