New Year’s Eve, restaurants & muffin tops

We had a lovely dinner at Castagna Cafe last night, although I’d say it was good rather than stellar. I mean we’d be more likely to try a new place than return. We’re finally going to Andina today for a 2:30pm lunch! Very exciting. I’d walked by that place when I was still at The Hotel and thought it looked good. When I mentioned it in conversation with the The Ladd Charles, he was like, That’s my favorite restaurant! 

Unfortunately I have not rallied myself for exercise early enough to get to what I’d planned on for today in time. I was going to do Day 7 of Julia’s Twelve Days of Christmas. (She didn’t add me into the new Facebook group like she’d said she would, but I understand because I don’t actually know any of the ladies involved, and the whole reason she archived the first was that it’d gotten too big. With that invariably comes the negativity and trolls. I never saw it there but I guess it was happening. In any case, it wasn’t ever going to replace the community that I had with Astangis at one time, so NBD.)

I’ve missed so many workouts with this vicious cold! Maybe I’ll get to it tonight. We’re not doing anything after lunch. My voice is still too weak. It’d made some gains yesterday an then I talked too much & had to revert to the pen and pad at dinner. At least the waitress didn’t treat me like a leper because of it, like the guy the night before. She was sweet.

I should really work out. A Sierre Trading Post delivery was here this morning. It’s a discount shopping site I’d never heard of before meeting Ch. He’d ordered me a couple pairs of jeans to try on. I haven’t bought new jeans in ages and was wise not to go with my previous, fitter NYC-size of a 25″ waist. I went with 26, but guess what? The “Rock & Roll” jeans fit perfectly everywhere except for nipping in at the waist to provide me with the dreaded muffin top. One is worse than the other. If I were to wear a fitted top I’d have to walk around with my arms up overhead, lol. So it’s really just the cut… I have narrow hips but I don’t have all that much of a waist. I’m pretty much straight up in down, with a little more softness around the lower abs than there used to be, and that shit isn’t going away unless I resume a more active lifestyle. (Not much hope there.)

I really don’t like the cheesy logo stuck on the back anyway. I hate prominent logos, as I have a thing against free whoring for corporations in general.

Also the Asics don’t fit. Doh! For sneakers I find it’s really best to go try a bunch of stuff on. It’s nearly impossible to get a great fit via an order and return cycle. Of course then you’ve gotta be able to pay full retail. I’ll continue to wear the too-big ones. It’s ok. It’s not like I’m running a marathon or anything.

At least I’ll get my sit in before we go!

Author: Boodiba

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