Today’s workout: #HIIT #Tabata #AMRAP & #yoga

Five days in a row!



Warm-Up: Jump rope 10/30×5=3:20

Rise and Slide by Kristin

Since this was all time based I did it along w/ the video, after my own warm-up.

HIIT 50:10 x 2 10 mins
1. In and Out Slider Pushup (Slide hands out, pushup, Slide in pushup)
2. Hamstring Slider Curls
3. Pike Abs Love this move. I’ve been doing them regularly in the past year – have called them “Sliders” before more slider moves began creeping in,
4. Rev Plank jack to L-Sit
5. 2 Point Lunges (curtsy to side lunge)

Tabata: 20:10 x 8 for each move 8 mins
1. Roll back Box Jumps
2. Squat jump to Squat drop weight, 30 Should’ve put vest on as 30lbs is the heaviest I can go in terms of matching dumbbells

HIIT 50:10 x 1, 5 mins
1. Plank Wiper OBLIQUES sliders
2. Mtn climbers 4 reg 4 wide 4 oblique
3. R slider Pendulum Lunges
4. Alt kickunder slide to Pushup to t stand toe touch
5. Staggered slider Tricep Pushup Switches (stagger hands, tri pu, switch hands) Really tough!!!

Tabata: 20:10 x 8 for each move 8 mins, with 8lb vest
1. Step Up Reverse Lunge (switch legs half way), 30
2. Weighted Chair Lunges, 10 KILLER!!!!!

HIIT 50:10 x 1 5 mins
1. L Pendulum Lunges
2. Pushup to slider mtn climbers
3. Twisting Bicycles with chop
4. Slider side to side Dynamic Sumo Squats
5. Plank row + Kickouts and two tucks

Tabata: 20:10 x 8 for each move 8 mins
1. Elevated Pushup Spin (Reg PU, Walk hands over, do Diamond Pu, walk back -Scott Herman Fitness)
2. Hip Thrusts, 30 I’m glad Julia said you’re supposed to keep feet flat for thrusts cause I’d thought it was weight in heels & toes lifted & I DID feel it more in my glutes rather than hammies after the adjustment.

8 slider tucks
8 box jumps
8 slider mtn climbers
8 high knee toe taps
8 slider plank jacks
8 decline pushup kick unders
4 slider curtsy lunges/leg
4 curtsy step downs/leg

Time = 1:14


About 15min

Monday Upper Body #HIIT with closing #yoga

Well I wasn’t going to work out today but then I went ahead, manned-up & did what I’d mapped out, plus a little. My first warmup was carrying a 40lb bag of litter up 2-flights of stairs, lol. I’d been ordering a 15lb thing of a particular brand, but then Amazon stopped carrying it Prime, so I had to buy a big bag of his new stuff, but it’s rated highly & hopefully honestly & should last awhile.



Warmup: Jump rope, 10/30×5 = 3:20min

BodyRock – Back Biceps & Triceps Workout

Lisa does swings all the way through but there’s no way I could handle that many rounds with my kettlebell, so I picked out more repeated elements to rotate & added in some wild cards.

  • I did it with a list & added 5-seconds to the transition / rest times, for scrolling & such. Also split up the HIIT in half & added a 1.5min rest in the middle.
  • 2 rounds (15/50)=47min
  1. Swings (35lb kettlebell)
  2. SA bicep curl, 15 r11
  3. Mat Jumps
  4. SA bicep curl, 15
  5. Pike Jumps
  6. Bicep curls, 30, 11
  7. Swings 27
  8. Hammer Curl-Bicep-Out 20 Hammer curl up, rotate palms out to face ceiling, rotate arms out
  9. Mat Jumps
  10. Hammer Curl-Bicep-Out
  11. Pike Jumps
  12. Pull-ups (from a pull-up bar with crossfit assist band)
  13. Swings
  14. Pull-ups
  15. Mat Jumps
  16. SA Row, 20
  17. Handstand
  18. SA Row
  19. SA Row, Palm Facing Forward, 20
  20. Swings
  21. SA Row, Palm Facing Forward

Rest: 1.5min

  1. Mat Jumps
  2. SA Plank Fly, feet elevated, 10
  3. Handstand
  4. SA Plank Fly
  5. Swings
  6. Seated Fly, 20
  7. Squat Jumps
  8. Seated Wide Row, 20
  9. Squat, bum touching bench, 30
  10. Tricep Kick-Backs, 20
  11. Upright Row 20
  12. Tricep Kick-Backs
  13. Squat Jumps
  14. Tricep Palm Up Kick-Backs, 20
  15. Squat
  16. Tricep Palm Up Kick-Backs
  17. Upright Row
  18. Fly, on bench, 30
  19. Squat Jumps
  20. Fly, on bench, 30
  21. Squat


  • with video, 49:57 (10/50) 6 or 7lb dumbells would be perfect for all the way thru
  1. Kneeling, 1-leg forward fly, 10
  2. Switch legs & do wide arm row, 10
  3. Kneeling, Elbows out in T shape, reach up & forward @ an angle, 10
  4. Punch alt arms up & out, 10 / 16
  5. Palms toward the ceiling kickbacks, 10 / 16
  6. Rope pulls, 10
  7. Pull backs, 10
  8. Pull aparts, shoulder level, 10
  9. Floor punch & pulls 16



  • About 26min

Therapeutic, Sunday #ashtanga #yoga

I’ve been taking Sundays off normally, but in light of how hard I kicked my own ass yesterday, and the ongoing maintenance necessary to eradicate the neck tweak situation*, I decided to practice yoga & to just let it be what it is, which is not necessarily exercise. The means I didn’t do any cardio before at all.

I could do all my chakorasanas today! Very carefully but this is good. I still hadda put my hands on the floor for setu bandhasana but that’s fine.

*There’s a slight situation in the left glute too, and that’s been tighter on the outside for a little while.



  • My Suryas & fundamentals arrangement
  • Primary + some LBH
  • 2nd to LV, then Kapo B
  • Back bending (1 tick)
  • Finishing & even a more than cursory savasana

Killer #workout, #reps #amrap #tabata #emom #HIIT & a bit of #yoga


Format Chaos by Christine Comeau

Circuit Training + rep pyramid
Time = 31:00min

This was the 2nd section in the video but I put it first. Weighted vest for all moves!
1. 10 clean and press + squat and press 40
2. 20 burpee tucks (10 with tucks at the bottom, 10 with tuck jumps at the top)
3. 30 sumo squats 40
4. 40 curtsy lunges (20 per leg) 35
5. 50 strict mountain climbers (2=1) tapping toe on the forward beat
6. 50 weighted chair lunges (2=1) 10
7. 40 pendulum lunges (20 per leg) 30
8. 30 narrow squats 40
9. 20 burpee mat jumps Jump back to one side of mat, do jump to the other & jump in
10. 10 clean and press + surrender 20

HIIT (5 mins)
Round #1 (50:10), no vest
1. Bear craw hold to kickthrough burpee Jump back to bear crawl & kick thru to both sides
2. Swings 35
3. dive bomber burpee + box jump
4. Lat hop + drop and pop to 3 squat jumps
5. Tricep burpee + 4 plank jacks

AMRAP (5 minutes)
Only 1 full round & 3 of my swapped out first move

5 reverse curls x3, roll back to halasana & roll forward to low squat ninja jumps with hands behind head
5 weighted surrenders 20
5 burpee tucks
5 weighted squat + standing kickbacks (do both legs)
5 tornado switches (2=1) (plyo curtsy)
5 weighted curtsy (2=1) 30

Tabata Pairs 20:10 8x, 8:20min
no vest

1. Handstand (both legs together) + pistol squat (alt sides)
2.  Jack knife get up (lay flat on your back and lift up into crab toe touch) 1 side at a time

1. plank jack pushup and tuck (in plank)
2.  Scrambles (crouch down jump your hands forward and then jump your feet to your hands 4 forward, 4 back- stay low)

Supersets + 5×5: 5 reps (heavy), 5 sets, 10 reps cardio move
Time = 23:00min

With vest, Time = x
1. Curtsy Lunge 35
2. Bulgarian 30
Cardio move = fast feet on step  Everything 5 per leg

1. Squat slow down 40
2. Sumo squat 35
Cardio move = in/out squat jumps (touching floor) Took my vest off for these after the 1st round! Doing 10 of these so low… Wanted to pick up my time if you know what I mean, lol.

Activation + Add-on (first do the left leg moves 1-8, then do the right leg)
This’d be a great glute burnout, done with ankle weights & alternating legs for each move. It was actually the warm-up in the video but I thought I’d burn more if I stuck it in when hot & consider using weights this time. Nope! Did body weight only & 1 side a time as per instructions, just in the revised location.
1. Fire hydrant
2. Fire hydrant kick
3. Fire hydrant in bear
4. Donkey kick
5. Donkey kick in plank
6. 4 count hold (donkey kick position)
7. Knee in kick back
8. Glute raise rainbow over

EMOM– Abs (4 min)
1. Burpee
2. Lateral plank jumps x 2 (jump back & push up, mat hop to either side)
3. Twisted renegades (bottom of plank) 30
4. 2 switch lunges + wood chopper 15 Holding weight above head when you stand up

Burnout + holds 30:30 (4 min)
with weighted vest
30 sec squat
30 sec squat hold
30 sec left lunge (lateral)
30 sec left lunge hold
30 sec sumo squat
30 sec sumo hold
30 sec right lunge (lateral)
30 sec right lunge hold

Total time 1:46. That’s actually pretty good for me for a video that was 90min long!


  • Up to the 2-hour mark. I’ll do more tomorrow because I’ll need a lighter routine after this!

Uggg…. I wish yoga were 1/4 as consistent in effect as HIIT

I’ve discovered that I have to do more regular yoga if I want my neck tweak to keep progressing in the right direction, but today I think I started too late in my biorhythmic cycle. We’re getting into the dead of winter with The Darkness, and I just wasn’t in the mood. Whereas some days, a mere not-even 6min of jump rope intervals can push my heart rate into a good point that’ll carry through a practice, today the effects of 20min of HIIT vanished within 10min and my heartrate dropped into the 90s. So after the first 3 poses of primary I basically stopped. Did 3 urdhva Ds at the wall, finishing to the headstands and a few more things that felt necessary.

I started late because I’ve decided (don’t laugh) I need to be (a lot more) strict about a 4-hour, artistic work day, five days a week. And the thing about working out and exercising in the same small room is that there is NO leaving whatever set-up around. I have to draw until I’m done and clean everything up immediately.

At least I worked up a good sweat in the first 20 minutes and got some physical therapy in. That’s all I can say for it! I know that ideally I’d exercise earlier but things have to come in the order of importance for me not to short circuit it all: meditation, art, exercise.


20min HIIT with jumprope

  • (10/50), no vest. I wrote this one as a yoga warm-up
  1. Pull-ups
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Chin-ups
  4. Chin-ups
  5. Pinca Mayurasana
  6. Vrischikasana-ish
  7. Ustrasana @ wall
  8. Anjenayasana
  9. Other side
  10. Plank, alt knee in & to opp shoulder (feet elevated)


  • Sucked today.


#HIIT & Inner, Outer Thighs & Ass Intervals


Warmup: jumprope (10/30×5)=3:30min

BodyRock – Full Body HIIT

  • Video starts after 8:20. I did it 15/50 (40:05min) with my list & 8lb weighted vest
  1. Low jacks
  2. Half burpee to squat & jump
  3. Jump squat with side to side lunge, hopping the whole time
  4. Manmakers, 30
  5. Side push-up (1arm tricep & 1arm wide) with knee-in, one side
  6. Other side
  7. 2 squat jumps, staying low / 1 diamond jump
  8. Switch lunge
  9. SA Pogo, Balance on 1leg, opp arm drops weight toward floor & then come up & do press-up & raise knee, 20
  10. Other side
  11. Dbl push-up & shoulder tap burpee w/ tuck jump
  12. Alt cursty lunge, not coming all the way up in the middle, 40
  13. Plyo hopping curtsy (squat in the middle)
  14. Wide squat w/ front raise, 20
  15. Back lunges, holding 10 in front of chest, partial bicep arms. 
  16. SA lunge & press, come back & knee up, 20
  17. Other side
  18. Forward & backward jump squats, touching floor on the low
  19. Bicep curl, shoulder press, hammer down, double row, 30
  20. Elevated SA row, 20
  21. Other side
  22. Swings 35 This jacked me up to 172! That 35 kettlebell does it to me, probably since I inherited it my weight for this move jumped up 15lbs at once. If I bump up a lot of these 30lb moves to 40 when I finally get a replacement 20lb for the pair, I’ll have a similar burst in output in lots of places.
  23. Woodchops, 15
  24. Other side
  25. Stationery lunge, lateral raises 20
  26. Other leg, overhead tricep 20
  27. Arnold press, 30 Arms are bent in T-shape. Rotate elbows out & press up.
  28. Plie squat with heel raises, 40
  29. Sliders
  30. Narrow to wide squat, stepping out alt sides, 40
  31. Wide squat w/ shoulder press, 30 Weights @ front of body palms facing in to start
  32. Low boat to tuck abs
  33. Side plank hip dips, 10lb (holding weight steady) REALLY hard holding the 10lbs overhead. With the 8lb vest that’s 18 extra pounds on the supporting arm, and you really know about it in the dips! I couldn’t have made it through more than one set each side.
  34. Other side
  35. Standing rotation, holding 20lbs keeping hips in place
  36. Standing dips to the side, holding 20 in one hand & bending straight to the side, other hand behind head.
  37. Other side

Inner & Outer Thighs + Ass, Mat Routine

  • workout starts after 6:45. Because this is mat work it’s a low heart rate routine. I’d originally planned to do it w/ 5min sets of jumprope interspersed.
  • I have ankle weights so I did the first group of exercises alternating legs. I also added heavier weights on the hip thrusts, and if I had two 20s I’d have added more. Those big plates they have at gyms would be fantastic for that. I also added 5min jumprope sets interspersed. You lose a little time taking the weights on and off but I’d saved time having a set & I wanted at least a little bit of a burn

(10/50) w/ ankle weights, 42min

  1. Ceiling Kicks: starting from forearms & knees, bringing moving knee back in line w the other
  2. Other side
  3. Ceiling Pulse Press
  4. Other side
  5. Straight Leg Lift
  6. Other side
  7. Straight Leg Rainbow
  8. Other side
  9. Hydrant Lift: Same side hand can come out & half straighten arm
  10. Other side
  11. Hydrant Oblique: Start with leg in lifted hydrant & crunch in toward arm on that side
  12. Other side
  13. Ceiling Kicks, 2
  14. Other side
    Immediately rethought my idea my ankle weights might be too light with failure on the 1st side (tired from previous set) 3rd move. I’m gonna rewrite this further & do some more alternating in this section. Might film it to share as well.

  15. Lying Leg Lift, side 1: On side, bottom leg bent
  16. Lying Leg Pulse
  17. Front Lift: leg is bent & swung around to the front
  18. Knee in to the front & press back @ an angle
  19. Lying Leg

  20. Lying Leg Lift, side 2: On side, bottom leg bent
  21. Lying Leg Pulse
  22. Front Lift: leg is bent & swung around to the front
  23. Knee in to the front & press back @ an angle
  24. Lying Leg

  25. C-sit, In & Out, side 1: resting foot on floor, hands resting very lightly on floor. Pull knee in & extend out close to floor
  26. In & Out to the Side
  27. Inner Thigh: rolling over to side, top foot comes forward to rest on floor
  28. Inner Thigh C-sit: Pull knee in, extend leg out close to the floor, inner thigh lift
  29. C-sit, In & Out, side 2: resting foot on floor, hands resting very lightly on floor. Pull knee in & extend out close to floor
  30. In & Out to the Side
  31. Inner Thigh: rolling over to side, top foot comes forward to rest on floor
  32. Inner Thigh C-sit: Inner thigh lift, pull knee in, extend leg out close to the floor

  33. Hip Thrusts 1, on shoulders, 30
  34. SL thrusts, 1 leg extended or crossed over the other knee
  35. Other side
  36. High Bum Squeeze Pulse
  37. High Bum Squeeze 1, knees in & then knees out, pulsing up each time
  38. Hold Squeeze at the top, just moving knees in & out
  39. Keep Knees together, pulse at the top, feet hip width
  40. High Bum Squeeze 2
  41. Hip Thrusts 2
  42. Reverse Plank Alt Leg Lift


1min per pose

Vira, supta vira, malasana, paschimo, block A, block B, savasana