Insane #reps & #HIIT workout plus #yoga

This routine had about 253 push-ups in it, I shit you not. I’m not exactly sure b/c I forgot to count on one of the timed, HIIT sets.


Skipped the video warm-up. I did the whole routine from a list & wore no weighted vest.

I cut some moves from the insane “burnout” at the end & put them at the beginning, to break that heinous chunk up a bit.

Epic Full Body Blitz #2

¹BURNOUT Juggernaut: (time = 11min)
50 Box Squats 40 

50 Goblet Pulses 35lb kettlebell
50 Twisted Plank Rows 25 per side, bringing other knee in & toward that shoulder 20
50 Dynamic SL Pushups Lifting alt legs, moving fast, shallow range of motion. Elbows in.

15 reps superset 4x About 10min, and I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”Put this set next b/c my triceps were already tired & needed a break!
1. SL hip thrusts (switch legs each round) Shoulders on bench
2. Full DL to 1/2 DL =1 rep 40lbs

15 reps superset 4x (120 push-ups in the 1st set!) Time = 14min
1. Yoga Tricep push-up
2. Box straddle to tricep push-up on bench Start on bench, hop down, jump back for push-up. After 1st round I thought, “FOUR FUCKING TIMES???”

40:10 3x 5 mins
1 Swings 35lb kettlebell
2 3 switch foot mtn climbers to Arnold press 30 Keep hands on weights for switch lunges, then stand w/ 1 knee lifted for press. Figured out on round 2 to get stabilized in the lunge & then pick up knee while getting arms into position for the press. Smooth flow that way.

50:10 3x 9 mins
1. Clean and press drop weight to box jump 40
2. Breakdance push-ups Start in crab & lift 1 leg. Kick it under & push-up
3. Decline SL burpee pistol

30:10 5x 6:40
1. Weighted high knee toe taps 10
2. Surrenders 20

25 reps 4x Time = 10min, only accomplished w/ shallow range of motion but this working is LONG & hard, lol.
1 Discus (switch arms each round) 10 Squat to diagonal swing, using other hand to meet weight
2 Bulgarians (weighted switch legs each round) 30

50:10 3x 6 mins
1. Box jump oblique hop burpees Hop feet outside both shoulders, then center & up to box jump
2. Back load alt Forward lunges 40

50:10 7 mins
1. Plank Knee Cross + Spiderman Pushup (knee to elbow, then do spiderman pushup, switch legs)
2. Twisted Mtn Climbers
3. Quadzilla / Box Jumps 4 wide high knees, rotating squats
4. Forearm pop up to commando down Plank to forearm & pop up if you can – wide feet
5. Decline Shoulder Taps
6. Pistol Rollback SA Burpee No push-up. Put both feet down after the pistol stand. This was pretty damned messy, lol.
7. 3 switch lunges + kick through & handstand

BURNOUT Juggernaut:
50 Decline Pushups Went probably less than half my normal, full range of motion here
50 Box Jumps For once I was HAPPY I’m limited to a mere 13″ elevation!
50 Chest Press 40, dropping to 30lbs for last 20 reps (was getting wobbly)
50 In & Out Squat Jumps no added weight, touched floor every squat
50 Arnold Presses 30
¹ Last 4 moves are at the beginning of the routine

(Time = 1:53)


About 18min

Two different #HIIT sets & some #ashtanga #yoga

My mood plummeted today. I really need that illustration gig to come through. I NEED to have some sort of reason to be.IMG_0447.JPG


35 Minute Upper Body BLAST + Cardio HIIT!, (10/50). With 8lb vest. Skipped the cool down.

Warm-Up: I used 10s on the side & front raise & 5s with the jacks @ the end.
1) Arnold Presses 15s
2) 180 Surfers
3) Side Hammer Raises 10s
4) High Knees + bench tap Press
5) Hammer Front Raise to T-Arms 10s
6) Chest to Floor Burpee
7) Push-Up, Tabletop Turn, Downdog Push-Up
8) Side Plank Dip + Toe Touch (L) holding 5lbs
9) 3 Weighted Skaters + Single Leg Press Hop 5s
10) Side Plank Dip + Toe Touch (R) holding 5lbs
11) Back Lunge + Snap Kick
12) 10 High Knees + 10 Kickouts
13) Rear Delt Flys 10s
14) 3 Squat Pulses + Tuck
15) Static Lunge Twist to Supine Rows (L) 20
16) Hold 10 Second Side Raise + Side Raises 10s
17) Static Lunge Twist to Supine Rows (R) 20
18) Hold 10 Second Front Raise + Front Raises 10s
19) 4 Mogels + Cannonball Tuck jump feet outside R and L 2x each, tuck jump grapping knees
20) Alternating Biceps Curls 15s
21) Wide Biceps Curls 15s
22) 4 Switch Lunges + 8 Side to Side Hops
23) OH Triceps Extension 10s
24) Triceps Kickbacks 10s
25) Triceps Push-Up + Spider
26) Frog Hop + Frog Hop Forward
27) Back Flys 10s
28) Plank Jack + Pike
29) Jumping Jack Press Up + Press Out 5s
30) 4 Football High Knees

I was gonna switch to yoga but my biorhythms remain in the doldrums with my spirits. My heart rate was immediately back to resting. So – jump rope! The balls of my feet are getting sore a lot lately though. I blame my cheap sneakers. I suppose I’m lucky to have sneakers at all, considering my situation.

30 Day Workout Challenge: Day 29

(10/50 with jump rope before every move for a 30min set)

  1. Mountain Climber
  2. Swimmers (Rumi style)
  3. Pike on sliders Clamp
  4. 3-Way Frogger
  5. Unicycle (right)
  6. Unicycle (left)
  7. 3-Part Abs V-legs reach through, hip lift, legs lower to just above floor
  8. Angel Abs
  9. Forearm Plank, tapping alt outer hip down in a twist
  10. Pendulum Abs 5lbs bet feet Lying on back, arms out to the side, pendulum, looking opp direction of feet
  11. Side Plank Hip & Leg Lift
  12. Other side
  13. Crunch and Tap 5lbs bet feet
  14. Reverse curl on bench 5lbs bet feet
  15. Classic Crunch Down Dog Plank


  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C, D, 2nd-laghu vajrasana,
  • Finishing to sirsasana

Saturday workout, #tabata #reps and #yoga

I SO didn’t wanna do it, especially when I realized how many reps sets were in here. Hadn’t gotten around to previewing! But I did it.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

No rest Tabata 20:10 8x 16 mins

1. SA Clean and Press 20
2. SA Swings 20

1. Plank Renegade Rows 15 ea hand 4min in plank, I made it! (Then took a break to sit down & type this, lol,)
2. Crossbody Mtn climbers

1 Handstand Shoulder Taps This was hard! But I’d been thinking I needed to work on handstand shoulder taps more (to build strength & balance for walking my freestanding handstand in the future)
2 Wall commandos hands on wall

1. DL Squats 40 Liked this combo a lot. Good flow.
2. Box jumps

Full Body Circuit:

Circuit 1: 4x 5 reps
1. Twisted Renegades This was REALLY hard 4 me, trying to keep good form while twisting + DL + Bicep Curl
2. 1/2 Ninja heel click + Box Jump
3. SL decline Pushup to Pistol I alternated legs & also alternated which one I started with, so I got an even # of pistols each leg.

Circuit 2: 3x 8 reps
1 Broad Jump + clean and press Bunny hops back 40
2 Groiners x 2 + plank jack push-up+ Tricep Kickbacks 20
3 Lateral Step up and leg lift (8 Reps) 20 + Rocket Step ups (8 Reps =1) Changed to laterals both sides & then rocket both sides to speed things up.

Circuit 3: Complex (5 reps of each move – 5x through)

1. Pull-ups Front Squat
2. Chin-ups Back Squat Alternated the 1st two to finish all 5 rounds first cause the pull-up bar is in my bedroom door, not the office.
3. RDL 40 Combined rounds 4 & 5 & just did 10 reps per move.
4. Sumo DL 40
5. Sumo Squats 40
6. Shoulder Presses 40 / 30 Changed to lower weight & Arnold Press rounds 2-5

(Time = 1:26)


About 10min

#yoga & #legs

That was a low burn for 2 hours but it’s me. My biorhythms switched again. I mostly liked this leg routine. I had an inadvertent rest day yesterday too, because I was drawing before an afternoon, phone meeting & that took longer than expected.



Yoga warm-up: Suryas & fundamentals, Linda style – 27min (burn only 98 lol). Decided to skip Julia’s warm-up and instead do some serious but easy stretching to warm up. I needed a good stretch!

Strength and Plyo Leg Workout by Colleen K

HIIT at 40:20:10 4x each set + 1 round of 40 sec cardio move + 20 sec hold
With the video from 4:40. Kept my 8lb vest on for all of the legs section

SET 1:
1. Curtsy Lunge to Curtsy Deadlift 40 Curtsy down. Lift up but keep feet in place. Deadlift & step back in to standing feet together.
2. Curtsy Lunge Hops

– 40 sec Heel Clicks Standing & in pike. Love this move. :20 sec Wall sit hold position

SET 2:
1. block Staggered DL 40
2. 13″ bench Staggered squat jumps up and over
-40 sec 2 Switch Lunges to Wide Tuck Jump: 20 sec hold Switch lunge w/ pulse

SET 3:
1. Slider Pendulum Lunge w 3 Pulses 30
2. Hands on blocks Slow Slider Mt Climbers

– 40 sec Duck Lunge Sprints (lateral switch lunge touchdowns with drop and pop :20 second hold plank w/ micro tilt of pelvis

SET 4:
1. Bulgarian+ Deadlift 30
2. Bulgarian Hops

-40 sec Rolling Pistol Burpee : 20 hold Malasana squat pulse (low is but on backs of calves)

SET 5: Not a fan of this particular set. 
1. Crossover Step Ups + glute raise 20lbs Ankle weights + 8lb vest + 15lb dumbbell
2. Alternating Lateral Power Lunge Over Step

-40 sec Lateral Lunge Hops Kick, Switch Lunge:20 hold alt kicks (still had ankle weights on)

SET 6:
1. Sumo DL to Sumo Squat 40 + vest + ankle weights (about 56lbs)
2. Sumo hop + stomps

– 40 sec Dive Bomber Burpee sumo squat and heel grab:20 hold dive bombers

SET 7:
1. Step up rev lunge 40 + vest = really challenging for me
2. Rocket step ups

-40 sec box jump to plank hop: 20 hold plank hop

SET 8:
1. Dragon Lunge
2. Lunge back touchdown kick

-40 sec touchdowns to star jump: 20 hold

Back and Shoulders REPS

Superset 1 (2X)
-8 SA Rows 20
-8 Rear Delt Fly 20

Superset 2 (2X)
-8 Bent rev grip Row 40
-8 Clean and Press 40

Superset 3 (2X)
-8 Split Lunge Snatch 30 but I can’t do them correctly. I can only snatch them half way, so they’re on my shoulders, and then press overhead once landed in the lunge.
-8 halo slams 20

Core- 6 min AMRAP on bench
1. 4 Decline burpee to pistol
2. 8 Decline frog hops
3. 4 Decline Plank Toe Touches to pike jump
4. 8 Decline fast feet (face melters)

(Time = 1:23 for the Leg workout)

Closed with  4min stretch

Wednesday workout #reps & #pyramid

Just for fun I decided to try filming but I’m headless for like 3/4s of it, lol. And it’s real time so not sure if I’ll bother to condense it. (If I do post I’ll update with a link here later.)

When I used to post my sort of artsy, fast speed summaries I’d inevitably get someone commenting on YouTube on how annoying that is & that I need to do real time, but see, I’m not advertising myself as a trainer. Most of the time I’m following along with or adapting workouts. Even when I’m not, the intention isn’t to instruct but merely to share, like show & tell.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Combo Move Pyramids : 1-5 reps

  1. Burpee, frog plank hop, angry donkey, jump squat
  2. Groiners, spider push up, kick through, plank jacks shoulder tap 2=1 the kick-throughs – step forward
  3. Roll back, tricep push up, plank tuck jump, tuck jump For tricep roll-back repeats, just come up to stand until u get to the last 1 b4 tri push-up
  4. Reverse lunge kick front 2=1 (finish reps on each leg b4 switching), in and out squat, 2 switch lunges, skaters 2=1
  5. Pistol squat, 1 leg burpee, Lunge back touch down rocket up (I alternated legs instead of going to 5 on the first side & switching.)
  6. 10 Jugglers, 10 speed skaters 1=1, 10 standing mountain climbers 1=1, 10 mountain climbers 2=1, 10 Squat Jacks – pyramid to 50

Burn out: Reps AMRAP 10 minutes I was on rep 8 on the 2nd move when the timer went off, and I decided to just complete the round.
10 pike push-up to pike jumps
10 diamond push-ups to diamond jumps
10 tricep dips crab toe touches 10 on one side & 10 on the other
10 T-stand dips toe touches/side

Ab Bonus 2x

  1. 25 leg raises
  2. 20 flutter kicks
  3. 15 dips per side
  4. 10 V-ups
  5. 5 sit-ups arms behind head

(Time = 1:32)

Didn’t stretch at all today. I thought it was going to be jam night at the other guy’s house & ran downstairs to ask C if he wanted to have a beer with me before he left. So, shower time after I post this.

#HIIT #reps & #yoga

Internet up on The Hill was really spotty all day Sunday, so I made sure to preview another workout (as slowly as it had to be) so I could work out entirely from a list. I like to do that anyway, a lot of the times, because I like to listen to music and not be distracted by another pace.

This was a low burner but I didn’t mind for today. Normally I do my own, jump rope warm-up but I’d had enough of that for a bit. On the other hand, the first five sets of this workout, at least, would be really good done another time, w/ like 3min of jump rope before each one.


Upper Body and Burpees by Miranda B

Warmup 30:30 jog arm circles, walk out pushups, down dog glute raises and tucks
runners lunge and twist, rev lunge and knee circles, butt kickers

SET 1: Biceps: 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Bicep curls then hold for last 10 seconds 26
2. Wide bicep curls + press out then hold for last 10 seconds 26 While curling down, pause half way & press out & hold a beat. This was holding one 10 and one 3 (by the thumb) in each hand. First round I hadda drop the 3s for the hold-out. Second round I went with 20lbs total.
3. Hammer curls to wide hammer curls to rev grip pushup burpee 30 Palms facing forward on burpee push-up. For hold, stop where ever you are in the burpee. Forgot hold 1st time thru – working from list 🙂

SET 2: Triceps 50:10 (hold): 10 rest 2x
1. Tricep kickbacks hold in position for 10 seconds 20
2. OH extensions 20
3. Tricep push-up burpees For hold, stop where ever you are in the burpee. Was in plank  both times.

SET 3: Shoulders 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Arnold press then hold overhead for last 10 seconds 30 Start w/ palms facing you & press up with palms facing out.
2. Front raise to lateral raise then hold in either front or lateral raise for 10 seconds 20 Hold is 1x in either direction.
3. Clean and press to burpee 40 Hold was a squat w/ dumbbells on shoulders for both rounds.

SET 4: Back 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Back flys hold in open position for 10 seconds 20 Standing, bent over, slight bend in arms.
2. Back extensions on hold for 10 seconds Swimmers, Rumi style, on belly on floor, feet off floor. Extend arms forward, lifting shoulders, and then pulling elbows back. Hold in this last position.
3. Wide to narrow rows to burpee 30 Row after you jump in, stand bent over, first row elbows close by body. Wide row palms facing back, elbows out wide. Plank holds again.

SET 5: Chest 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x on bench
1. Chest press hold for 10 seconds at top squeezing chest together 40
2. Chest flies hold for 10 seconds squeezing chest together 30
3. Decline Burpee to wide push-up Hold was jumping & then decline plank.

Cardio 50:10 2x
1. Full release Burpees w/ tuck jump
2. 3 Switch lunges to handstands
3. Mountain climbers
4. Heel click to Donkey kick
5. Box jumps

BURNOUT: Reps EMOM I’m slow & didn’t feel like trying to rush the moves or shorten up my range of motion. Time =  17min

1. 10 rev grip pushup burpees 40 With deadlift, no jump.
2. 10 tricep pushup burpees
3. 8 clean and press burpees 40
4. 8 wide row burpee 30
5. 8 decline wide pushup burpee
6. 10 full release burpees
7. 8 switch lunge handstands
8. 20 mtn climbers 2=1
9. 10 angry donkeys
10. 10 box jump tuck jumps

ABS by Ritter ankle weights
20 bicycles 2=1
10 V-up, 10lbs also in hands
15 Pike abs w/ feet on sliders
10 Feet on bench, tap alt foot out & down, 2=1
10 leg lift to rev crunch

(Time 1:27, tho I lost a couple minutes in the warm-up cause I’d set the timer wrong.)


Just the minimum. I think I’ll do an all yoga tomorrow, with possibly only a jump rope warm-up, if even.

Talking to some of my best friends yesterday must’ve inspired me #freelance #artist & #designer

I’ve been industrious all morning in a true Virgo rising, list making fashion. I didn’t feel like getting right to drawing, after finishing with my meditation & hermetics practices. Instead I planned, and worked on self promotion.

  1. Organized a new set of images for a Craig’s List ad.
  2. Made new image of the spec work I’ve been doing for a local bike group’s “kit”.
  3. Posted on: my design blog, my online portfolio, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest. Also updated the dropbox folder I made for this collaboration.
  4. While updating portfolio I decided it’s time for a new character design sample, and I’d already been planning on drawing Charlie again soon. I’m going to combine that with my drawing a day series (more like every two weeks) AND playing around with tarot card illustrations. We’d already decided he’s going to be the King of Cups. Rocco will be part of the illustration too, because I’ve got pet portraits floating about in the back of my mind. Plus all those mythical kings have dogs, and she’s his companion animal. Set up a drawing session with him for tomorrow. I need to do quick portrait studies: front, three quarters and profile. First you create the character, and then the composition.
  5. Wrote new copy for the CL ad, this time with ranges  of piece prices and hourly rates listed. Posted the ad.
  6. Set up a recurring weekly event in iCal to run an ad every week. I don’t have to re-do every time. I can just hit repost for awhile.
  7. Updated (organized) the categories for the design blog.

And now… trying to decide if I want to work out this afternoon or if I’ll take a “real” rest day, whether I should go downtown, walk the cat, work on the latest landscape / lifestyle piece…