A moderate temperature is SUPPOSED to be 1 of the things Portland has going for it

Not this year! It’s a good thing I kept the 22 year old Grizzly. (Wish I had the money to get new faux fur put in but I don’t.) It’s a tights under jeans kind of day. I’m actually heading downtown to do some office cleaning. Moving from NYC to Portland is the same thing as moving from a “3rd world” country to the USA. Your previous credentials are rendered irrelevant. I’m a doctor in my country.

So I started the 2nd hermetics exercise. This time I’m going to keep a log & publish it as one entry when I’m done. Makes more sense. I tacked it onto a 22min sit. Normally I sit for 30min but I’ve gotta catch the last bus 51 of the morning at 9:08. If you wait longer than that, you’re fucked, in this zone.

Oh and my replacement 20lb dumbbell finally arrived! I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same weight as the old one, but I can alternate which hand holds which weight. At least now I don’t have to hurt my hands trying to hold two 10s at the same time, and I can up my load by 10lbs in many more moves. Gonna do a late afternoon routine today.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

One thought on “A moderate temperature is SUPPOSED to be 1 of the things Portland has going for it”

  1. Um, ya… the walk from Salmon & 19th to the coffee shop & the wind was so cold it made my eyes hurt, plus water. Had a thin strip to see out between brim of hat pulled low & pashmina over face.

    Wearing: tights, jeans, long sleeve shirt, microdown jacket, 10lb long suede coat, wool cap & pashmina. I WAS STILL COLD!!! This ain’t moderate.

    And sure complaining about the weather might seem silly, but you get more persnickety when your salary goes from 90K to, like $2,000 if you’re “lucky “.

    [end rant]


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