Today’s workout & my fabulous vacation

I belong to an insanely (LOL) exclusive retreat. It’s located inside my head. That’s right. I gave up physical travel two years ago, when I flew through the renunciation cloud, but my cocooning abilities are off the HOOK now.


Warmup: (10/30×6) = 4min jump rope

DAY 9: Holiday Hybrid Density Training

Pyramid This was the “finisher” in the video, but on previewing I decided I’d rather get this situation out of the way 1st, and I thought it’d keep my heart rate up higher for the shorter AMRAP & rep sections better than just a jump rope warm-up.
Time= 28min

with 8lb vest
**100 reps Squat + HOP (first 50) 38lbs, + calf raise with 48lbs, (second 50)
**100 Rep mtn climber 2=1 8lbs
**100 reps high knee toe taps 2=1 8lbs
**50 Reps plank jacks 8lbs
** 50 Reps block staggered squat jumps (25/leg, foot on block)
**50 Reps jump rope 1=1 no added weight, feet jumping together
**25 Reps bench hop overs 2=1 8lbs
** 25 Reps alt switch kicks 1=1 8lbs
**25 reps sumo squats heel raise 48lbs
**10 Rev curl on bench 3lb bet feet
**10 Reps oblique V-ups, per side 3lb bet feet
**10 Reps box jumps, 1/2 burpee 8lbs

time for 6 sets = 43min

SET 1 : AMRAP 6 minutes 10 reps per move
+ 8lb rest. Score 2 full rounds plus 3 each alt bicep curl / press
1. SA Shoulder Press 15 + SA Bicep Curl 15 (1 arm performs shoulder press, while other performs bicep curl)
2. DL 40

SET 2: 20 REPS each
No vest
3. Plank Hop + heel click with weights 30
4. Spellcaster (rainbow arch swing from hip to hip) 20 1=1=1, Forgot what this 1 was so took a long break while I pondered & finally looked at the video, lol. Funny considering my witchcraft interests.

SET 3: AMRAP 6 Minutes 10 reps per move:
Score: 3 full rounds + 10 tricep pulses
1. Straight back tricep pulse Tate Press in bridge hold Hadda change this b/c the written move bugged my left arm glitch 20
2. Low Squat Kickback 40 (maintain squat throughout, kick back with flexed foot- 2=1)

SET 4: 20 REPS each
With 8lb vest
3. Weighted Inchworm Power-up 180 28 Walk out w/ weights. Hop up & turn.
4. weighted block Hop Overs 28 2=1

SET 5: AMRAP 6 Minutes 10 reps per move
No vest
Score: 2 full rounds + 5 push-ups
1. Elevated Push-up
2. OH Alt Lunge Chop + Twist 15 2=1

SET 6: 20 REPS each
No vest
3. Trifecta Jack (press up, press out front, press out to side- 3=1) 6
4. Box Jump Burpee

Traditional HIIT (50:10 x1) 10 mins
No vest
Hadda pause for a couple seconds b4 move 9 cause I accidentally smashed thumb with a weight, just moving them. Doh! I think I bruised the bone a little, but not fatal.

1. Around the World, standing 20
2. Jump Rope
3. Scarecrow + Press 20 Arms in T. Rotate forward, then back up & press
4. Chair lunges off bench 20
5. Bent fly SSD 20
6. Alt superman +knee tuck pushup
7. Bicep Combo (perform regular curl with 1 arm while simultaneously wide curling with other arm, continue alt with each rep) 26
8. Reverse plank alt leg lifts
9. Plie Squat lowering weights in center + Drag Curl pulling elbows back, close-in + Jumping feet click
10. Alt fwd Lunges + clap under

Total time 1:33


About 12min


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