#ashtanga #yoga only practice / workout / tune-up

I’d had my workout all planned for today. I was going to do Day 10 of the Christmas series I’ve been working my way through, but then I didn’t feel like jumping. Even though my Primary+ set list can be a bit tedious if I’m in the low end of my biorhythms, it’s still beneficial… Every time I finish I’m all, I should do that once a week, but it ends up being less frequent.

I considered switching to an hour long HIIT after the fundamentals, but after assessing I decided to press on. It wasn’t that anything was painful. I was just a bit stiff and my heart rate was relaxed.


One thing I did different from lately is that I didn’t move near a wall for the navasana handstand exit. Boom! No problem. I did my EPRK and three ticks. So ok if I’d done a workout-workout I’d have burned 700-800 in that amount of time, but I wouldn’t have gotten the tuning. I’ll do my Day 10 tomorrow.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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