Thursday workout II

Earlier I got tricked into a hike up the hill in the snow. All these things I’d never done before, like shoveling! I’d somehow managed to lead a very sheltered – if distinctly non acquisitive or material in any way typical – existence. I have to admit it was very pretty.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals

DAY 11: Santa’s On His Way!! By Jori

This was actually a pretty low burn for being a Julia workout. It was a little too choppy, I think.

Drill #1: Time = 39min I’m super slow w/ manmakers (a 6-part move) ANYway, and this was my first time doing so many reps with 20lbs in each hand. 
2 Exercises, Descending Ladder (start from 8 reps) This means 36 reps per component of each move, meaning 72 tricep push-ups within the manmakers.
1. Manmakers 40
2. Handstand, switch lunges + criss cross

Drill #2: Tabata Pair: 20:10 (4 min) x 8 Didn’t much like this round. Would replace if repeating this workout.
1. Twerknados 20s @ either end of mat. Broad jump toward one, pick up w/ alt hand, 180 jump. Put weight down & broad jump to other weight.
2. x2 Right Side Squat Walks + Hammer Curl + I hate pivoting on a carpet so I changed this to lateral raises after 2 round Press OH as you rotate torso to the right in a lunge20 Decided to go light on the weights here & take it easy on that left arm. 

Drill #3Time = 10min
2 Exercises, Descending Ladder (start from 8 reps)
1. Kettlebell Swings Slams 35
2. Commando and 3 Mat Jumps Start w/ legs off the mat to one side & go down 1st on that arm.

Drill #4:  (4 min AMRAP) 10 reps each
Score = 1 rounds & first two moves of 2nd round
1. Jump Squats
2. Hand Release Push-ups
3. DB Walking (or forward) Lunges (L+ R = 2 so 1=1)
4. Speed Skaters (2=1)

Drill #5:
2 Exercises, Descending Ladder (start from 8 reps) Time = 15min I didn’t wear my vest for any part of today’s workout, and I still considered bailing at the beginning of this ladder. Maybe it’s the extra outdoor activities (shoveling after yesterday’s workout & a mini hike in the snow before today’s)
1. Box Jump Burpees
2. Inchworm to Spider Push-up with Leg Sweep to side (“Jori Style”) Alt. L/R

Drill #6: Tabata Pair: 4min: 20:10 x 8)
1. Mt. Climbers
2. Rollback Star Jump + Tuck Jump

20/10 Arctic Blast (Adapted from Men’s Health) @53:27
This was the only part I did along with the video, mainly because I hadn’t gotten around to previewing the ending and it was time-based too.

1. Low Skaters :10 sec Balance on Left Leg (hold)
2. Low Skaters:10 sec Balance on Right Leg (hold)
3. Quick Plank Jacks: 10 sec L Elbow Plank with leg lift (hold)
4. Plank Jack Push-ups: 10 sec R Elbow Plank with leg lift (hold)
5. Bunny hops in place: 10 sec Hold Low Squat
6. Bunny hops in place: 10 sec Hold Low Squat
7. Hand, Shoulder, Hip, Butt Taps in Plank: 10 sec T-Rotations Alt. R/L
8. Hand, Shoulder, Hip, Butt Taps in Plank: T-Rotations Alt. R/L
9. Jump Lunges (or Tuck Jump Lunges): 10 sec Static Lunge Hold Left
10. Jump Lunges (or Tuck Jump Lunges): 10 sec Static Lunge Hold Right
11. Pulse Push-ups at Bottom (only 1/2 way up: 10 sec Mt. Climbers
12. Pulse Push-ups at Bottom (only 1/2 way up): 10 sec Mt. Climbers
13. R SL burpee:10 sec Hold Squat
14. L SL burpee: 10 sec High Knee Fast Sprint!!!

(total time = 1:45)


Only about 8min. The bare minimum. I was pooped!


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7 thoughts on “Thursday workout II”

    1. It was a bit torturous toward the end, lol. Today’s a rest day from formal exercise though. I’ll be trying cross country skiing for the first time today. Just told the BF nothing scary whatsoever, lol.


  1. I remember I didn´t like this one too much… the same for workouts with kickboxing moves, like the one your mentioned in an earlier post. I did Julia´s new workout today, again with some kicking and boxing, and I burned just a bit over 200 calories 🙂 I felt disappointed and had to do one more workout to feel happy again 🙂
    Wow, manmakers with 20lbs in each hand, you are super strong!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d had 2 20lb weights before but I moved cross country & the movers lost one somehow. Money is REALLY tight but I finally managed to replace one. No vest though! I do wear mine sometimes but it doesn’t ALWAYS make a better workout, and I don’t want my shoulders to get super tight either.

      But ya the pacing on this routine was off. The first ladder was way too long and the stop & start of 4min Tabata rounds… I had a much better workout the day before with jump rope HIIT in a continual 30min set and simpler moves, then yoga. But whatever a mix is good right?

      I haven’t done any of her post Xmas workouts yet. I’ll finish the 12th day first just for the hell of it.


      1. I did those 12 days of Xmas right as she posted them, some were great, some were so-so. I kind of can´t get myself excited about the new workouts from this year, they seem to miss a bit of the “spark”, I don´t know. But there are so many workouts on many channels, so I can always find something good 🙂
        I am still waiting to solve my budget issues, but then I´d love to buy new set of dumbbells, a kettlebell and maybe something else. But currently there are more important things (like rent and food 🙂 than that.


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